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Your help saves lives. Choose the best way and make your donation.

Make your donation via bank slip, payable at any bank branch, lottery or internet banking through PagSeguro, a reference for quality and security in internet payments in Brazil.

If you want to donate through this medium and already have a PagSeguro account, fill in the amount and choose the Boleto option.
If you do not have a registration, fill in the e-mail and value fields, enter your data and choose the Boleto option.

You can opt for a single donation or a monthly scheduled donation. The transaction is made by PagSeguro, a benchmark for quality and security in internet payments in Brazil.

Single donation

Monthly Donation - choose the desired amount option

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You can opt for a single donation or a monthly scheduled donation. PayPal is an international online payments company. It is important to remember that Fazenda da Esperança is present in 24 countries and its help can bring hope to thousands of people in different places. Not a PayPal customer yet? Just click on finish to create your account. It's quick and easy!

Donation of goods

It is from sharing that a new community is born. Many people who believe in the mission and work of Fazenda da Esperança also contribute to the construction of new units by donating goods and land.

"Whoever has two tunics give one to the one who doesn't." Lucas 3: 11

To help us this way, fill out the form below or contact us by phone (12) 3128-8900 or email

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* Use the message to intelligently explain the asset you would like to donate to the farm.

Bank deposit

Your contribution sows Hope for a new life!
Make your donation through bank deposit in the accounts.

Social Work Nossa Senhora da Glória - Fazenda da Esperança
48.555.775 CNPJ / 0001-50

Our bank account Bradesco

Banco Bradesco

Agency: +0415

Checking account: +62.718

Our account at Banco do Brasil

Bank of Brazil

Agency: +0306

Checking account: +14.816

How to help - Bank Deposit

Donation of NF Paulista

Help us to welcome more people, who are looking for recovery to find a new lifestyle. You have two options to make your donation through the website or through the application, available on Apple Store ou Google Play .

Check the videos for details to make your action happen. With this facility it became more practical to make a concrete gesture.

Donate your Paulista Invoice coupon by the Application

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Donation of tax coupon to the Farm of Hope through the site

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Family of Ambassadors

To be part of the Family of Ambassadors is simple: just fill out this form with your details. You will then receive the Ambassador's Newsletter monthly. The newsletter provides information about what happens in our units, where and where we need your help, messages of spirituality, stories of a new beginning and a ticket so that you can make your voluntary contribution.

HOPE and SOLIDARITY transform the world. Join us!

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* If you are an ambassador, by filling out the form and clicking on send your details will be updated.
Family of ambassadors

"Be Ambassadors of Hope". This is the request made by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to all people who love the Farm of Hope. For this reason, Ambassadors of Hope are all those who are dedicated to the building and promotion of the common good within this work which is a thing of God, present in Brazil and in the world.

Above all, there are the kind-hearted people who support Fazenda da Esperança with concrete gestures of charity through donations. These make up the Family of Ambassadors! A family that loves without expecting anything in return. Your donations, a sign of love for your neighbor, are transformed into works of evangelization, infrastructure and welcoming that allow the Farm of Hope to embrace so many lives and revive the faith.

Help the Farm of Hope! Join the Family of Ambassadors and donate!

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The Farm of Hope has the grace to help transform the lives of many people who find their way back. These experiences needed to reach society, inspiring more people to say yes to the mission of love. Thus was born the Bulletin of Ambassadors - a means of evangelizing and always being in touch with members of the Family of Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors Bulletin takes a message, news, works, testimonies and much more to the benefactor friends every month, allowing them to participate in the daily life of Fazenda da Esperança and its host. The publication is a gift to everyone who supports this cause!

Along with the Ambassadors' Bulletin, a letter is sent, signed by the president of Fazenda da Esperança, Fr. Luiz Menezes, and the slip for spontaneous donation, which can be carried out in banks or lottery houses.


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Questions or more information, please contact us!

Telephones: (12) 3128-8913 / (12) 99664-6989 (WhatsApp)


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