Meet the Esperança Viva Group, an instrument of evangelization and extension of the Farm of Hope present in Brazil and in the world!

“The Esperança Viva Group is actually an update, it is the memory of what was the beginning of the Farm”, with these words Nelson tells the story of GEV.


In 2020 the Esperança Viva Group celebrates 20 years of existence; and to celebrate this significant date, a very special moment was prepared.

In a relaxed and very rich chat with one of the founders of Fazenda da Esperança, Nelson Giovanelli, who tells us about the birth and development of GEV.

Follow the entire interview and get to know this great experience of living the Word in the midst of society.

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GEV News

Good Samaritan House

Esperança Viva Group carries out actions in the community, and helps with the functioning of the house."

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United by hope

Fazenda da Esperança, GEV Sobral and Obra LUMEN: "There is a way with God".

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GEV`s diocese Santo André / SP

The Esperança Viva Groups of the diocese of Santo André / SP are celebrating!

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Find a nearest GEV

GEV is open to everyone who wants to participate and get to know the life and spirituality of Fazenda da Esperança. No participation fee is required and the coordinators act as voluntary members. Welcomed people who, for some reason, have not completed their year of recovery are very welcome, as are those who wish to achieve sobriety and their families. Today there are about 280 groups spread across 15 countries. Find a GEV nearest you and be part of this big family. Join the Esperança Viva Group and spread the charism of hope!

Open a GEV

To open a GEV in your city, it is necessary to: define responsible and collaborators to coordinate the meetings; have a room in a parish to hold meetings, which must be weekly, with a fixed date and time; participate in meetings with the central team, as well as being available to participants and people who need support.

Monitoring and guidance for opening new groups are carried out by the Regional Officers. For more information, contact the GEV Service Center.

Join the Esperança Viva Group and spread the charism of hope!


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