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The Family of Hope is an International Association of the Faithful, approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity of the Catholic Church. A new community born among the most needy.

In the beginning, the founders, Frei Hans, Nelson Giovanelli, Luci Rosendo and Iraci Leite, just wanted to live the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself, through two charisms: that of unity and the Franciscan. At the time, the four, by the way, nobody had the dimension of what the Family would become, nor how many people would discover their vocation through it.

Today, it is an international work called to assume its missionary dimension, striving to make its communities and works, true centers of spirituality and evangelization.

"The aim of the Family is the sanctification of its members through the practice of reciprocal love, living the Words of the Gospel, the Eucharist and other sacraments, cheerful adherence to the Forsaken Jesus and imitation of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Hope. It seeks to realize, in services and works, the Gospel responses to the problems and sufferings of humanity, contributing to the fulfillment of Jesus' desire: 'May all be one so that the world may believe' (Jn 17,21) ”. (Iraci Milk)

Dom Aloísio Lorscheider, then archbishop of Aparecida, SP, signed the authorization of the Family of Hope on December 24, 1999, making it recognized at the diocesan level. In 2010, it received the first approval decree that was in force for five years. Later, the final approval, in 2015, by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, confirmed that it is a charism inspired by God - Hope.

The charisma

It is understood, therefore, that work on the Farm is not a simple occupation, but a vocation, and that the Lord

is donating a charisma, that of Hope.

(Decree of approval of the Family of Hope)

In all the years of work, the Family of Hope has helped thousands of young people around the world to break free from addiction. He discovered that his charism is Hope, which motivates men and women to become "new men" and "new women" and, therefore, to take on the mission of "bringing Hope, Jesus Christ, to the greatest number of young people Worldwide".

A response to the Church's request in the person of Pope Benedict XVI:

"... Take Hope, Jesus Christ, to as many young people as possible ...". We want to generate opportunities in Brazil and abroad to send young volunteers to our communities, Fazendas da Esperança, to live with young people who are in the recovery process, in order to promote new ways of living, the practice of work as a source of self-esteem, and the experience of a spirituality of communion.

The Family has as its inspiring source Jesus who is present in each neighbor, particularly in the most needy, and as a vocation, to live with them in the first place and have a free love and special dedication with them.


Our vocation: ... to give a concrete answer, through living the Gospel, to the sufferings of humanity.

The vocation to the Family of Hope can be experienced through members of common life: they protect the inner life of the community and safeguard it from the influence of the world. Those who are discerning or volunteers of hope, who lead that same life to the world, influencing social structures of all kinds. In these dimensions live celibates, married, priests, and singles. They live together and offer their lives free of charge for the brothers. They seek to be nothing for love.

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    Luiz Fernando is also a member of the Family of Hope. He is currently regionally responsible for men's farms in Europe.
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