Fazenda da Esperança unit in Mexico celebrates 3 years of existence

See photos of the 3rd anniversary celebration of Fazenda da Esperança and, in the video, testimonials from some of those who were welcomed and...

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German newspaper honors member of the Family of Hope

Luiz Fernando Braz, member of the Family of Hope, has lived in Germany for 15 years and received yesterday (10) from the newspaper...

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Spreading Hope virtual meeting is held for the first time in Argentina

The 1st Virtual Meeting of Spreading Hope in Argentina took place last weekend. We count on...

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Spreading Hope Spreading Hope

Espalhando Esperança is a volunteer project, created by Fazenda da Esperança in partnership with the CNBB Episcopal Pastoral Commission for Youth, which aims to mobilize thousands of young people, challenging them to dedicate a period of their lives in places where there is presence of Fazendas da Esperança in Brazil and worldwide. Undoubtedly, this project is a divine strategy to inspire young people, to commit themselves to God, to the Church and to all the suffering and excluded, striving to make Hope visible in the world.

To proposal

Responding to the Church's request in the person of Pope Benedict XVI:

"... Take Hope, Jesus Christ, to as many young people as possible ...". We want to generate opportunities in Brazil and abroad to send young volunteers to our communities, Fazendas da Esperança, to live with young people who are in the recovery process, in order to promote new ways of living, the practice of work as a source of self-esteem, and the experience of a spirituality of communion.

Where does it happen

We are more than 100 communities spread across the world on the following continents:

  • Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Italy;
  • Africa: Mozambique and Angola;
  • Central America: Guatemala and Mexico;
  • South America: Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

It's in Brazil:

  • North: AC, RR, AM, PA and TO;
  • Northeast: MA, PI, CE, PE, RN, PB, AL, SE and BA;
  • Midwest: MT, MS, GO and DF;
  • Southeast: MG, ES, RJ and SP;
  • On: PR, SC and RS.

Hope alive Hope alive

Phrase, Fact and Fruit

Wagner Candido do Prado Junior

Wagner Candido do Prado Junior

After going through the recovery process, Wagner decided to volunteer at Fazenda da Esperança. Track your experience

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Fernanda Maia Barbosa

Fernanda Maia Barbosa

Within the recovery period, Fernanda was eager to return home. Her manager invited her to continue her walk in another house. There she managed to help another young woman who was in a difficult time

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Daniel Fernandes de Souza

Daniel Fernandes de Souza

Daniel found God again at Fazenda da Esperança and through small gestures of love for his neighbor, it is possible to see the Lord in each person.

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