GEV School takes place in Dombe / Mozambique

The GEV School is held in Dombe / Mozambique, which brought together members of several Esperança Viva groups to carry out missionary formation in the community of Fazenda da Esperança.

GEV School takes place in Dombe / Mozambique

All members gathered at the Fazenda Feminina for breakfast and then the women went to the Fazenda Masculina to start the meeting. At 8:30 am the rosary was said, interleaving the prayers in English and Portuguese and meditation on the Word of the day. After, the floor was given to the Head of Mission Ildo Foppa, the Head of the Female Farm Marta and the Head of the GEV of the African continent Alicete. Always with English translation.

There were some communions of experiences that touched everyone.

Alicete reported that there are 12 GEV groups working and another 2 support groups in his region.

In sequence, all the groups present at the meeting were presented: Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa and Brazil. Regional presentation of all GEVs in the world, Maurício Bovo. In his speech he made it clear that the objective of the meeting is: "To know the tree, its roots, how it feeds, because if we know how to take care of it, the fruits will be many".

A break for lunch at Fazenda Feminina and afterwards the Theme began with the couple Iraci and Ildo Foppa, in which they briefly told how they met Fazenda da Esperança, the Focolare movement, Frei Hans and Nelson and were then invited to assume responsibility for the male farm São Rafael de Casca / RS in 1995, near 40km from the city where they lived. Initially they did not understand why they needed to love at all times, but as the days went by they experienced a lot and love radiated between them. After a long period when they were already living outside the farm, they were invited again to live in Mozambique and are currently living in Dombe. He also reported on the moments after Cyclone Idai.

Ildo ended his speech by reporting that in 2000 he was together with Nelson in conversations with the intention of setting up a GEV, feeling the need of the Es, in which when they left the Farm they could have a meeting group to share.

After a coffee break and return with feedback on the theme. Ending the meeting with the Mass at 18h, following the dinner and waiting for Father Emerson Anizi and 2 members of the parish of Botucatu / SP.

On the third day of the meeting (09/10) it was given by the heads of the Female and Male Farms with a rosary and meditation on the word, "Lord we teach how to pray". Marta meditated the word with her experience about moments lived in Cyclone Idai.

In the second moment Edinaldo related his trip to the farm, the help he had from his brother and the knowledge about the GEV. After a while he relapsed and asked for help again for the farm. He finished his year, went home and soon returned to help with the San Francisco Feast. At this moment Nelson asked him to stay and help at a farm in Africa, so it moved his heart, talked to his family and gave himself to this work, since 1 year and 8 months ago that he has been at the Men's Farm in Dombe and intends to stay even when God wants.

It was Edinaldo who painted Creche Chitaitai and in a last painting he felt very sad and when he left he looked at the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow and this was the answer that he was not alone (God was here).

After the break, the Family of Hope theme started with João Paulo and Maria (responsible for Angola), telling a little about the beginning of the Family of Hope, about the charism and the steps to become a member of the Family of Hope.

In the afternoon the theme with Father Emerson "Living the Gospel". In which he briefly told about his childhood, adolescence to the present moment. In his words, he brought a charisma that spread to everyone and how important the experience of the word is. If the word is our strength, no one will make us weak. The word does not condemn, does not judge, it shows how to be better. It must be clear that the only dependence is on God.

End of theme with division of groups for communion of souls. After mass and dinner.

On the fourth day of the meeting (10/10) he started with a third and read the gospel of the day, taught by the group from South Africa with meditation. Sister Maria Filomena also meditated the word, reporting that she is from Brazil and has been on the mission in Dombe for two months.

In the second moment Maurício Bovo began the study of the rules and reality of the Esperança Viva group (GEV). Two Brazilians, Rafael who is an ES from GEV in Picos / PI and continues to attend the same assiduously and Ronaldo who is an ES from Fazenda da Esperança and is currently regional responsible for GEVs in the South / RS, shared about the various activities that their GEVs perform.

In the afternoon there was a division of groups for the study of the GEV regulation and recording of doubts so that when everyone returned these doubts were clarified.

Following that, Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and dinner were attended.

The fifth day (11/10) started with a third, reading and meditation of the word with João Paulo (responsible for Fazendas da Angola). Following, questions about the GEV regulation were continued.

In the afternoon the group held free activities (soccer, rehearsal of songs for Festa de São Francisco, tour).

Mass at 18 pm with delivery of the training certificate from the GEV International Missionary School for the Group of South Africa, who will be returning home tomorrow morning. Some members joined the Family of Hope making the Pact and others renewed their vows. Following dinner and cultural moment with the recovering men, women and missionary school.

On Saturday (12/10) we had the 1st São Francisco Party at Fazenda de Dombe. Started with São Francisco theater, local dances, traditional Brazilian dances, the visit of Bisco João where he spoke a few words, following lunch for every mission, ending with the mass.

On Sunday (13/10) the group woke up early and traveled to Chimoio to participate in the mass celebrated by Pé. Emerson Anizi. At the mass we had reports and testimonies from people from the GEV and the Treasury, reinforcing the importance of both in society. After the missionaries met with the 3 GEVs in Chimoio and Mozambique where they shared experiences and communions and we ended with a fraternization and celebration of Fr. Emerson's 48 years.

In the afternoon, the missionaries had a moment of leisure at the Parque Casa Missiva in Manica, with lunch and safari in the park, where they could contemplate the existing beauty of the place.

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