Responsible for GEV highlights the importance of the school in Mozambique

Esperança Viva Group Head Mauricio Bovo explained the importance of the GEV School in Mozambique

Responsible for GEV highlights the importance of the school in Mozambique

I now write from Beira airport after experiencing the first week of the Gev Missionary School here in Mozambique!

I personally feel that choosing this school in Dombe was truly an inspiration! We are bombarded by very deep and concrete experiences every moment!

The unity and full donation of those responsible, the presence of the Sisters of two congregations, and the experiences that many of our welcomed lived in the cyclone make a lively mix, full of the presence of Jesus in the midst!

It is truly a school !!

We had a week full of formation where the relationship and the lived experiences were stronger, and the art of living with different languages ​​and nationalities!

On Saturday we had the first San Francisco Party, a real show of Hope and motivation in all!

All prepared with love and care! The Bishop came to visit us and had lunch with us, making a point of expressing his joy and support with all the graces that have been going on here!

Father Emerson is also here with two other people from his diocese, and with his very concrete love, helps us each day to give our best!

Another joy is the presence of the Sisters of the Seeds of the Word, who form a deep unity with the farm, and are visited by one of the sisters who lives in the Manaus Farm!

Yesterday we celebrated Mass in the São Mateus community, the parish where Alicete lives, Gev Africa regional, and where one of the Chimoio Gevs operates. We had a beautiful mass in celebration of Father Emerson's birthday, with the party and everything!

After Mass we met the three of Gevs of Chimoio, a very deep moment of sharing between us!

In the afternoon we still had a moment of leisure, in the presence of the Gev members of Mozambique, with a mini safari, and we could see up close some animals like Giraffes, Zebras, etc, but above all, we relate as a Family!

The heart overflows with gratitude for all that we are living, asking God that this experience can turn into concrete fruits for the whole work!

Now is the time to experience the Gev Philippines School! We count on everyone's prayer! United!

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