Sim's Space will open at 20 Family's Birthday Party

Let us celebrate the 20 years of the Family of Hope, an international association of the faithful, which is recognized by the Church and underpins the whole Farm of Hope Work.

Sim's Space will open at 20 Family's Birthday Party

The opening of the Space will take place on Sunday, November 17, next to the International Family of Hope Party, starting at 10h at Fazenda São Libório - Pedrinhas, in Guaratinguetá / SP. The only place in Brazil to house a certified stone from the House of Mary in Nazareth-Israel, which recalls the historic moment when she said her "Yes" to God's will.

This is a gift received by the Family of Hope during the pilgrimage to the Holy Land led by the founders Friar Hans, Nelson Giovanelli, Luci Rosendo and Iraci Leite. At which time an alliance was made with the Basilica of the Annunciation by delivering, through Friar Bruno Varriano, Rector and Guardian, a stained glass window that represents the Sim of Mary.


What? Inauguration of Sim Space
When? 16 17 and November
Where? São Libório Farm, Guaratinguetá / SP
Programming: 16 / 11- Solo Band of Hope Show at 20h, 17 / 11 start at 09h (Holy Mass, Inauguration of Sim Space - International Family of Hope Feast with typical food from various countries).

The Party will have a symbolic value of R $ 50,00 with free food.
Questions and information - (12) 99664-6989 whatsapp
e-mail: santuariodaesperanca@fazenda.org.br

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