Missionary Month: 'Bringing Hope - Jesus Christ'

In unity with the whole Church and especially with the request of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, we present the work done by the Family of Hope Association during the Extraordinary Missionary Month:

Missionary Month: 'Bringing Hope - Jesus Christ'

We want to reinforce the commitment Benedict XVI left us during his visit to the Farm of Hope in 2007: 'bring hope - Jesus Christ - to as many people as possible'. As a Family of Hope we have a desire to walk together and promote an outgoing Church.

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY SCHOOL: This is a time of formation and coexistence with the founders of Fazenda da Esperança between 20 from September until 31 in October. In this edition the participants will visit Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. During this period they will have the opportunity to get to know the culture of these countries, the units of the Fazenda da Esperança of these places and visit asylums, schools and parishes of the region. They were also invited to share missionary testimony in various media (TV, radio, internet ...). Altogether there are 50 participants in this missionary experience. We believe that in addition to being a mission activity, it is also an opportunity for each participant to find their vocation.

- GEV INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: The Hope Living Group (GEV) is an extension of the Hope Farm in society. Participating in these groups are former recoveries of the Farm, family members and people attracted by the charisma of Hope. They meet weekly to meditate on the Word, exchange experiences and promote concrete actions in society. During the month of October 15 representatives of these groups are in Mozambique (Dombe) to carry out a missionary activity in that region. The goal is to be a living hope for all people to meet along the way, especially when visiting local residents and the Fazenda da Esperança units of that place.

- SAINT FRANCIS PARTY: Farm of Hope is present in more than 20 countries and in all Brazilian states and has 143 units. During the month of October, the traditional 'Festa de São Francisco' was held in various units in Brazil and around the world. The goal is to invite the various expressions of youth and other members of society to participate in a big party with the young people who are recovering. During the day, artistic attractions, life testimonies and missionary experiences are presented.

- DESIGN SPREADING HOPE: Volunteer project to mobilize young people, challenging them to devote a period of their lives to the places where Fazendas da Esperança are present in Brazil and around the world. We believe this project is a divine strategy to inspire young people to be committed to God, the Church, and all the suffering and excluded, striving to make hope in the world visible. During the month of October some young people had the opportunity to have a missionary experience.

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