New farm unit will be built in Brasilia

On the afternoon of last Tuesday, 29, the foundation stone ceremony was held for the construction of the male wing of Fazenda da Esperança, in Brasília.

New farm unit will be built in Brasilia

The event took place at the Palace of Buriti and was attended by various authorities such as the Governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha.

The new unit will be built on land that was donated by the DF Development Agency (Terracap) to the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship. With this, Fazenda da Esperança will aim to welcome and recover crack addicts and other licit and illicit drugs without making any distinction.

Given this, the governor of the Federal District highlighted the importance of this therapeutic community for the region and requested support from Brazilian entrepreneurs to make donations for the completion of the work. Not to mention that he guaranteed that by the end of the year will be signed the term of delivery of another area for the construction of the women's wing to the Farm.

“The drug issue affects all social classes and most violently those who have less conditions, but it affects everyone. So the Farm not only serves the poor, it serves all who need it. So each one can work within that line, because each of us has a problem like this within our families and if we don't have it, we can have it, ”argued Rocha.

On the other hand, Gilberto Occi, Terracap's president, said that the agency was very honored to donate the land. “Terracap is transferring the area to the Secretariat of Citizenship and Justice is a historic moment and also of hope. [...]. And what we see there [in Fazenda da Esperança] beyond all the seriousness with which the work is developed, we see that young people are oriented and dedicated to having a professional activity, there is a great tension and we can feel it there. So for us to have the opportunity to be part of this moment is a great satisfaction, ”he celebrated.

The Secretary for Religious Affairs, Kildare, stressed the importance of the Farm of Hope to society. “Our society is ill and parents no doubt really know what the scourge of drugs is, and it is with great joy that I receive the news of the arrival of the men's farm wing in the Federal District. Because I have experiences of friends who got lost in their youth on the drug path and were recovered by the Farm of Hope. So today we are undoubtedly delivering a great gift to our city, ”he said.

In the face of so much praise in his speech, Friar Hans Stapel Ofm, founder of the Farm of Hope, made an analysis of the significance of the work and stated that its success is mainly due to the hand of God. “Farms put themselves in the place of really being an environment that lets God act. God on the farms works wonders. We do not think of solving with a thousand things, but with love and life and the result is extraordinary. Everywhere we go we receive requests to open more farms and we will do it as much as we can, ”he added.

No to drugs!

Faced with the judgment aimed at legalizing drugs in Brazil by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), scheduled to take place on November 06, Friar Hans and Governor Ibaneis Rocha delivered speeches reaffirming the importance of maintaining drug criminalization in Brazil. Brazil.

Friar Hans, for example, sadly stated that Brazil is experiencing a historic moment on the subject. “You cannot imagine what goes on in my heart. How can you think of legalizing something that is so bad? I spent in Uruguay, where the drug was legalized, and the disaster is visible. People are displeased and young people are killing each other because this freedom they want to give to young people is absurd, because they are not mature enough to manage a weapon as dangerous as drugs. The state with determination, the family and society should say no to drugs, ”said the religious.

Already the governor declared himself completely opposed to the legalization of drugs in Brazil. According to him, neither the country nor the world is ready to deal with the scourge of drugs. So he was categorical and stated that if there is legalization "we will have a lot of zombies and a lot of millionaires". Ibaneis also stressed that decriminalization will lead to the deepening of the crisis in families, in states that will not be able to assist families and drug addicts, as well as strengthen insecurity.

“So I am totally opposed and I think the country should not even have that as its agenda. The country's agenda today is how to recover the thousands of drug addicts we have and the thousands of families awaiting minimal state assistance, ”said the Governor of the Federal District.

Brasilia farm will be a model for politicians

In an interview with Journalist Sérgio Botêlho Júnior, Friar Hans said the function of the Farm of Hope is to free people from the slavery imposed by drugs. “But the arrival of the work in Brasilia has a great significance, because because it is very close to power, politicians will be able to visit the work and see that it has recovery. I want everyone to understand that there is recovery if we offer young people true ideals, ”he said.

“I want everyone to see the power and strength that the farm has along the path it has chosen. The spiritual path, the word that young people live, a divine force that helps today's weak young people, but works with this method. So I want to quickly make this farm so everyone can visit it. All units are model, but she would be closer to politicians, ”added the founder of Fazenda da Esperança.

Being a farm located near the center of Brazilian national power, Friar Hans stressed that the drug issue requires the union of all federated entities and celebrated the sensitivity of the federal government regarding the Therapeutic Communities. “I'm very happy because they had the courage to visit the farm and not just hear comments. They went there to hear the experiences of young people who truly recovered, people who were lost and found a way. So it encouraged them to take a decisive action. I'm very happy and we are all going together! ”

Source: By Sérgio Botêlho Júnior

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