Testimonial - November

Gisele Aparecida da Silva, 34 years old, São João Nepomuceno / MG

Testimonial - November

I met the drug at home, my mother was a user. I come from a simple family with three brothers. Because of my drug-destroying life, I became pregnant at the age of 16 of my daughter Mila. I was very confused, I didn't know how to handle it all. Even so, I had no strength to stop. The emptiness of a meaningless life washed over me, and at 23 I had my second son Thiago. Even feeling the joy of having spawned two lives, drugs wouldn't let me take on the role of mother. And at 24, I hit rock bottom, gave in to crack.

To support my addiction I made minor offenses. I was arrested. In prison, I experienced a real abandonment, I felt alone. But it was there that I met an angel, a young man from the prison ministry, who accompanied me while I was in prison and when I left he introduced me to the Farm of Hope. At this moment, I wanted to change my life, I couldn't take it anymore and I accepted the recovery proposal!

When I arrived at the Farm I came across something new, the living of the Word ... we woke up early every day, prayed the rosary and meditated the Word, each day we chose a phrase to live in the day and it changed my life! That morose, troubled, angry, hopeless Gisele was leaving and a new Gisele began to emerge! One word that helped me a lot was that whoever puts his hand in the plow and looks back is not worthy of the kingdom of God (Luke 9,62). Even remembering all the time my mother and children, who had lost her guard, suffered from it, I knew I could not go back. I had many difficulties in my recovery period, but the Word helped me move on and not give up.

When I finished my year of recovery, God gave me a gift. The custody of my children and as he does not let himself be won in generosity, my mother accepted help and came to recover on the farm.

I've been living this new life for seven years, my son lives with me inside the farm, Mila is volunteering at Villa Quilino Farm in Argentina, my mother at Abaetetuba Farm / PA is also volunteering, we are all growing up in this climate of love. My family has been returned!

I am very grateful to everyone at the farm for helping me to follow this new path that has given me back my life. Out of the clutches of the enemy straight into the arms of God!

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