Urgent: Information from Typhoon Hitting the Philippines

The situation is more serious. New reports say the Finance region is being hit by a very strong typhoon.

Urgent: Information from Typhoon Hitting the Philippines

Women with children from neighboring Fazenda communities begin to reach the unit, located in Masbate, seeking help and shelter. It was not possible to contact the other unit in the city of Naga.

On the coast, the government tries to evacuate people, but many do not want to leave their homes. The vast majority are poor people who have struggled to get what little they have and now the typhoon passage is destroying everything.

Too many homeless people who are losing everything because of the typhoon. Let's pray for our sisters and brothers in the Philippines.

We will provide immediate help to those in need. Donate to Philippines Farm Account in Brazil:

Federal Savings Bank

ag 0306

w / c 302-4

OP 003

Gloria NS Social Work

48.555.775 CNPJ / 0001-50

Questions and Information (12) 99664-6989 (wtsapp)

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