Testimonial - January 2020

Marta Trosman

Testimonial - January 2020

I got to know the Hope Farm through the meetings of the Esperança Viva Group (GEV), in Manaus / AM, my hometown. The lifestyle, based on love and the daily experience of a passage of the Gospel, enchanted me in a way that soon aroused the desire to experience it. I wanted to know how the welcome lived day by day inside the farm, and in a conversation with Father Vinicius, I talked about this desire.

I started my experience of three months at Fazenda de Alhandra / PB, it was so intense that I decided to stay longer. I was always inserted in the life of the Church, but inside the Farm was special, because I felt something bigger. “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to Thy will” (Lk 1,38). This Word has marked me and helped me in my decision to stay on this mission.

I returned home, resolved some family matters, quit my business, and then went to the Lizard Hope Farm / SE to continue my volunteering. One day in conversation with the person in charge, she told me that she felt that I had actually found myself inside the farm and that God was calling me for a grand mission, but that it would depend on my "yes". The proposal would be to go to Mozambique in Africa.

I was afraid, but I remembered the Word that touched my heart at the beginning of the walk and gave my "yes"!

Since I arrived in Mozambique I have felt something very good, a very strong presence of Jesus, especially in the people and children. I am here living what He asks me every day.

On March 16, 2019, we were surprised by cyclone Idai. Our region was badly hit, our house was totally submerged by the waters, barely given time to get the documents and leave home.

In this event, I say that there are three things that cyclone Idai brought me as a lesson: the first is that everything passes, everything in our life passes: money, goods, sadness, joy, friends, family. Only God does not pass and only what we build in Him remains; the second is the feeling of unity, of belonging to a family that is the Farm of Hope, I understood this strength in the help and affection we received, I felt very loved; The third point is to start over in the face of the pains and difficulties that happen in our lives - to always start again, soon and with joy.

With these teachings, we soon gained strength to unite and continue our mission, especially helping families who have lost everything and children, who despite going through such a painful situation show me each day that they have hope.

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