Testimonial - February 2020

TaÃs de Souza Real

Testimonial - February 2020

My parents abandoned me when I was a little girl, and a person, who has her as a mother, took care of me. After a while she left me with a family, whom she considered as uncles. During this period of my history, I suffered abuse. Desperate I called my mother and told her what had happened. Upset she called the guardianship council when I was taken at the age of six to a shelter.

I ran away and lived on the street for a long time and upon returning to the shelter I discovered that I was pregnant. I had my daughter at 15 and took care of her even when I was
close to turning 2, but they took it from me because I was unable to care. It was very difficult to accept that. So I ran away again, met cocaine and sank into drugs.

During a consultation in 2016 I told the doctor that I needed help and she introduced me to Fazenda da Esperança. Due to lack of perseverance,
I completed the recovery process and fell back down. In these comings and goings, I managed to get up and went back to Fazenda determined to start again, because I couldn't bear to suffer anymore. In this new opportunity I am very happy, because I have been firm in the recovery proposal for six months.

At the farm I learned a lot of good things, from eating with cutlery, fixing a closet and so many other things that I didn't know and that today help me to rescue my life.
dignity. Sometimes I still have “street manias”, but I am corrected with a lot of love by those responsible.

There is an excerpt from the Gospel that says: “My grace is sufficient for you, for it is in weakness that strength is fully realized” (2 Cor 12,9). It was the Daily Word that motivated me
to continue the walk because sometimes I feel weak because I remember my pain, but I quickly get back to helping others and that cheers me up.

* In this testimony Tais was in the sixth month of recovery and very motivated to put into practice the Words of the Gospel. For this reason, we count on your prayer for all those who seek a new lifestyle in the units of Fazenda da Esperança.

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