Mission to open the farm in Chile begins

The opening mission of the Women's Farm unit in Chile has begun! Check out the message sent by Rita Santos, responsible for the mission:

Mission to open the farm in Chile begins

“We are living days of great love and unity between us. We are six ES *, four Brazilians (myself, Thais, Alexandra and Rosa, 1 Argentina (Ayelen) and 1 Chilean (Gise) and also a Uruguayan volunteer (Jacqueline) who is the mother of an ES and her son is also on a mission at the Farm here from Talca.

We are always in unity with the male farm that is close by and we received a lot of support from the Diocese through Bishop Monsignor Juan María. He always comes to visit us, brings gifts and cares about our well being. In 10 days we have already done all the harmony of the house, we have furnished and we are now on the ground, it is a large farm of space and we have a lot of work ...

We made several visits in the city and we are making many contacts and everyone is delighted with our experience. Saturday I had a very beautiful experience, after a week of intense work, I found myself alone at the farm with the girls, without a car, because the volunteer who was helping us returned to her home (1200km from here), without knowing the city properly , without mastering the language, I thought ... Now it's time to believe that God is going to manifest and I went to live with the girls.

In the late afternoon the Bishop arrived for tea and told me that I was supposed to go with him to get a car to stay with us at the farm. A new and beautiful car. God does not let himself be overcome in generosity. We have 3 girls preparing to be welcomed. We count on your prayers! ”.

* ES Initials of Hope, the name given by the founders to those who complete a year of recovery at Fazendas da Esperança or at GEV (Esperança Viva Group).

The inauguration of the new unit is scheduled for March.

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