Pope: to keep in heart those who accompany us

In the homily of the Mass at Casa Santa Marta, the Pope invited to remember who accompanies our lives every day: presences that become part of the family and to which it is good to thank or apologize for our faults.

Pope: to keep in heart those who accompany us

Pope Francis celebrated the morning mass this Friday (14/04) and in his homily he was inspired by an employee of Casa Santa Marta, Patrícia, who has just retired. The Pontiff made an “act of memory, of thanks” and spoke of the warmth of Casa Santa Marta, from a “large family”, made up of people who accompany us on the path of life, who work there every day, with dedication and care.

Selfishness is a sin

The homily narrated the daily life of Casa Santa Marta, the Pope's residence. Francisco highlighted the family, not only “father, mother, brothers, uncles and grandparents”, but “the extended family, those who accompany us on the path of life for a little while”. After 40 years of work, Patrícia is retiring: a family presence to reflect on:

And it will do us all good to live here to think about this family that accompanies us; and to all of you who do not live here, think of so many people who accompany you on the path of life: neighbors, friends, co-workers, students ... We are not alone. The Lord wants us as a people, He wants us in company; he doesn't want us to be selfish: selfishness is a sin.

Thank you, Lord, for not abandoning us

In his reflection, the Pope recalled the generosity of so many co-workers who took care of those who fell ill. Behind each name, there is a presence, a history, a brief stay that left a mark. A familiarity that found its way into Francisco's heart. “I think of Luísa, I think of Cristina,” said the Pontiff, the grandmother of the house, Sister Maria, who went to work young and decided to dedicate herself there. But when recalling his “extended” family, the Pope's thoughts went to those who are no longer: “Miriam, who left with her son; Elvira, who was an example of fighting for life, until the end ”. And still others who retired or went to work elsewhere. Presences that did well and that, sometimes, it is difficult to leave.

Today, it will do us all good to think of the people who accompanied us on the path of life, as gratitude, and also as a gesture of gratitude to God. Thank you, Lord, for not abandoning us. True, there are always problems, and where there are people, there is gossip. Even in here: you pray and gossip, both. And sometimes you also sin against charity.

A big thank you"

Sin, lose patience and then apologize. So it is done in the family. "I would like to thank for the patience of the people who accompany us - said the Pope - and to ask for forgiveness for our faults".

Today is a day to thank and ask forgiveness, from the heart, each one of us, to the people who accompany us in life, for a piece of life, for life… And I would like to take advantage of this farewell to Patricia to do this with you act of memory, of thanks, and also asking for forgiveness from the people who accompany us. Each of us does it with the people who usually accompany him. And to those who work here at home, a big, big, big "thank you". And to you, Patrícia, to start this second part of life with another 40 years!

Source: Vatican News

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