Theme 2020: Rebirth for Living Hope

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Theme 2020: Rebirth for Living Hope

To be reborn is to be born again. I wasn't born just once, but I have to be born several times, every day. The foundation of this Gospel term is that moment when Jesus is introduced to Nicodemus, an educated man. When they said that Jesus was from Nazareth, he said "Nazareth?", Because it is a small village in the interior. So, he had this concept, since the Messiah was already expected to come from a great city, a noble family. But God has his projects, he really makes things come about and happen the way we least expect it.

But when the meeting took place, Jesus approached and revealed who He was. Nicodemus was surprised and Jesus said: you must be born again! He then: How? I can't go back to my mom's belly! And Jesus: To be reborn again in the Spirit.

To be reborn is to reorganize concepts, views of life, of the things of the world, because it is to place your life according to God's plan. Nicodemus, which means to be born again, was converted, recognized that God when he wants to do his work, no matter the place, the family, the history. For example, we have a lot of reference in the Esperança Viva Groups (GEVs) of those who are ES *, have a past of suffering, families who struggled a lot and today, thank God, are ahead, that is, they were born again.

Being born again is a step we personally take to let God, in fact, make us new people and also helps others to see us differently.

The Church also offers an instrument of birth, which is baptism. From the moment we are baptized, this belonging to a spiritual family is born, which is the Church, the family of the sons and daughters of God. After our baptism, as we mature spiritually, receiving training, having knowledge of the Word of God, we assume Christian formation. Then the Church offers another sacrament to the youth or adult, which is the confirmation of this new birth.

This is important for GEVs who are involved in parishes, as they must enter into this reality of the sacraments. To train and prepare other people, because that way the family will be fortified. We cannot imagine a GEV isolated from the Church and from life with the sacraments and liturgy, because we are a charism that was born within the Church.

The theme proposed for this year helps us to understand: I am a person who has been born again, God has given me a new chance to live, has freed me from addictions, from a life of sin or an illness. The person who has this awareness values ​​life, takes on with much more commitment and this generates the attitude of helping others to be reborn.

* ES Initials of Hope, name given by the founders to those who complete a year of recovery at Fazenda da Esperança or Grupo Esperança Viva.

By Fr. Luiz Menezes, President of Fazenda da Esperança

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