GEV School takes place in Mexico with about 40 participants

Between February 13th and 16th, the Gev School was held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, with the presence of just over 40 participants from different states of this country.

GEV School takes place in Mexico with about 40 participants

Also present were Padre Cesar (Regional of the Farms), Daniel (Responsible for Finance in Aguascalientes), Padre Neftali (Regional Gev of the Central America region) and Mauricio Bovo (General responsible for GEV's).

The opportunity to be together is always an enriching opportunity to have a closer and more fraternal coexistence, thus creating an essential familiarity for the dissemination of the Charism of Hope in this country.

Specific themes were given on the conduct of the groups of living hope, on the Charism of our Work, on the formation of leaders, the study of the Gev regulation and much communion between all.

There could be moments of relaxation, walks and lots of laughter.

Several visits to the closest groups were made in order to get to know the reality in this country more closely, as well as a special meeting with the Es (short for Hope, aimed at those who ended their reception time at one of our farms or GEV groups).

This moment with the Es is of paramount importance to nourish them from the experience they once learned on the Farms or in groups, and which they now take to the World, through their personal reality.

Throughout the week, we had the grace to receive the presence of Jaime Reina, from Texas, who came exclusively to learn more about our Work, at the request of the Bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, thus preparing the first steps for the arrival of the first Farm Hope in the USA. It seemed that we had known each other for a long time, and so consequently with every group!

We are very grateful to God for having allowed us to live these days of Paradise, which nourishes our souls and drives us to continue to be this “Living Hope” not only in Mexico but in the whole world.

With joy,

Mauricio Bovo

Hope Live Group

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