Testimonial - March 2020

Juliana Nogueira

Testimonial - March 2020

I have lived at Fazenda da Esperança for 16 years. I am from the state of Paraná and since I was very young I attended the Church. At the beginning of my youth, I moved away and, as time went by, I felt emptiness and sadness. I asked God if I would have come into the world just for that. It was then that the priest of my parish invited me to a group of young people from the Focolare Movement.

I fell in love with the ideal and wanted to revolutionize the world with acts of love and unity. For me it was the discovery that Jesus was in my neighbor. The longer I lived the Gospel, the more that questioning charged me: could it be that I was born just for that?

At the time, I got to know Fazenda da Esperança and had a one-year experience. In Coroatá / MA I experienced something very strong. One reception attempted suicide and for 30 minutes a film played in my head. I felt abandoned, but Jesus said to me, “You didn't come into the world just for that. I choose you to give your life for each welcome! ”.

So I chose Jesus. I tried to find him in everything, including difficulties, I understood that He presents himself in different ways in our daily lives and could help me save that life. After a fight, we managed to get the broken glass out of her hand. I bring a scar from that episode, which is a mark of my mission.

At one point I fell in love with a young man. I went into crisis, because I also wanted to marry and have children and that questioning came again, was I born just for that? This experience helped me to confirm my vocation. On a mission in Guatemala, I felt the call to consecrated life, which led me to reflect and realize how much was accomplished in life with the welcoming. The desire to give my life for each one helped me on the path of discernment.

One day I was told: "Love and God is manifested". And so it was. Today I am very happy living entirely for the Father. I lived for six years in Argentina and, currently, I dedicate myself to the formation of our welcomed and new responsible ones. It is an opportunity to always reaffirm my vocation and find Jesus in each one.

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