Saint Dimas, the good thief

What can we learn from him about repentance and mercy?

Saint Dimas, the good thief

One of the oldest popular legends of Christianity tells us that the good thief crucified beside Christ was called Dimas.

He was said to have been born in a den of thieves, the son of the chief of the pack, and, still very small, he would have contracted leprosy. Always according to legend, the Sagrada Familia he would have sought refuge in that grave to spend a night during his flight to Egypt. The next morning, the chieftain's wife washed her son with the same water as the Blessed Virgin Mary had used to wash the Baby Jesus - and the leprosy disappeared.

The boy, however, became a thief like his father. As an adult, he was eventually captured, taken to Jerusalem and sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate. That's when Dimas could see Our Lord carrying the cross and being crucified beside him. He surrendered to the grace of God and then proclaimed that gesture of faith and love that was recorded forever in the Gospel; a gesture of faith that earned him the most sublime promise of the Son of God himself:

"Even today you will be with me in Paradise".

In fact, this is the only historical information about this man who became known as "the good thief". If all your past is a mystery that the pious imagination tried to paint with the legend mentioned above, your future is a certainty of faith!

Regarding the specific episode narrated in the Gospel, St. Augustine commented:

Source: Aleteia

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