Missionaries arrive in Mozambique

On March 16, a group of 03 missionaries from Fazenda da Esperança arrived at the Dombe mission in Mozambique to animate and help the local female community. Read the message sent by them:

Missionaries arrive in Mozambique

“We were received by Edinaldo, a missionary who lives in Dombe and helps with the male farm that exists there. He was the one who welcomed us and made us stay with us for the time we stayed in Beira, before we were received by the Salvatorian sisters who welcomed us with great love.

Our first appointment in Beira was to go to a radio station to talk about Fazenda da Esperança and Fr. Suadi received us there. We arrived with the idea of ​​a promotion, but ended up winning a weekly program.

We left for the Nazaré community, where the Eucharistic celebration and a lunch with the priests took place. In the evening, there was a meeting with more than 40 catechists at the Immaculate Conception Church. Edinaldo and Cida told a little about their story and we publicized the female farm.

At night, with the Salvatorian sisters, we had a moment of sharing, where they spoke of the joy they were left to be living with us in the days we spent there. That our joy and humility drew our attention.

On Thursday, we took the road to mission in Dombe and arrived with a warm welcome from those welcomed, Sisters, Ildo and Iraci. After a moment of rest, on Friday morning, in the afternoon we went to visit the Centro Infantil Chitaitai, it was really special to be with the children and accompany them to the settlement.

The visit to the settlement, along with Ildo, was very important, because houses are being built there for families that still start their lives after Cyclone Idai.

Now we are living in the quarantine house as determined by the president of the country. And it is strong for us all that God has a special plan for each one in this mission. We came with many plans and commitments and now they have all been changed. We are here praying a lot for what is happening in the world.

In unity with everyone ".

Missionaries of the Fazenda da Esperança in Dombe.

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