The street is not a place to live: helping the neediest

From today (27) you will be able to monitor more closely how and where Fazenda da Esperança has been welcoming people on the streets due to the coronavirus pandemic

The street is not a place to live: helping the neediest

Last updated: 09.05.2020

Brazil does not have updated official data on the number of the homeless population. In the city of São Paulo, the country's largest metropolis, the city estimates that 25 people live on the streets.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary, as far as possible, to stay home. But, what house? That is the question of many, who have nowhere to take refuge. With the desire to be a concrete answer, Fazenda da Esperança started a welcoming campaign.

From March until the penultimate week of April, more than 500 people arrived at the different units. They received a home, bed, food and care, through their lives and the donation of volunteers. Meet 4 former homeless people:

Leonardo, 33 years

“I lived on the street for five years. I went through difficulties, cold, hunger, several other things. I am here to become a new man and have a life experience during that time. It's been really good for me! I was very well received! It is a place for anyone who wants to be a new person. ”

Antônio, 58 years

"I was on the street, I was very ill and I was welcomed by Fazenda da Esperança. I am feeling good, in a good house, which belongs to God. I don't miss a mass, a third. I hope to stay here all year. "

Valdecir, 32 years

"I lived six years on the street and spent 20 years using marijuana, alcoholic beverages. Now I intend to leave this life at the Farm, make new friends. Here is a place of peace! I want to take advantage of the fact that we are in an Easter moment to break free from the vices I have . "

Jurandir, 51 years

"I was unlucky enough to get to know this life of drugs. I've been in it for thirteen years. I have a 16-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old boy. I heard about the farm, but I didn't have the opportunity to meet it. I'm very happy here today! A new life, only good things! I was very well received! "

To keep these men and welcome more, we count on you and divine providence.
Collaborate TODAY in building a supportive and hopeful world!

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By Leticia Dias

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