Volunteers receive homeless women

Approximately 38 units of Fazenda da Esperança received homeless people in the last 45 days

Volunteers receive homeless women

The women's center in Guaratinguetá / SP received more than 50 women, including some accompanied by their children. For this, it was necessary to dedicate volunteers like Daniela Lima, responsible for the women's center, in Guaratinguetá / SP, and Jackeline Guinatte, an ES - *Esperança initials, name given by the founders to those who end the period of a year of recovery.

Jackeline got to know the farm in 1989, during its first year of recovery. At the end he returned home and remained sober for 10 years. With the end of his marriage he started using cocaine, alcohol and became involved in drug trafficking. It was more than 20 years of addiction.

“In times of distress, I asked God that He be responsible for my death, until one day I had the courage to ask for help to set me free. I spoke to my brother and he said a phrase that I will never forget: 'I will take you to the farm, because that was the only place you were well', ”said Jackeline.

Offer a home and be a shelter

Jackeline was only a month away from completing the year of recovery again. She was preparing to move to the Italian Farm with her daughter. However, in that period, measures of social isolation began in Brazil due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which caused the change of the destinies of mother and daughter: “so I asked God: what do you want from me?”, Pondered Jackeline . To which Daniela, responsible for the women's center, called her to talk.

"I thought it would be about my certificate of completion, but to my surprise she invited me to welcome the homeless girls and at first they would have to be quarantined," he explained. According to Jackeline, her heart was filled with joy and a certain fear, but “when receiving five girls, including two pregnant women, I saw that Jesus was manifested in each one”, he said.

Daniela stated that her reaction, at first, was against accepting because of fear. Then, “we had a meeting, with the founders, where I could understand that it was an opportunity that God was giving me so that I could really get into the essence of my vocation, which is to meet the 'leper'”, he observed.

Listen to Daniela's full testimony:

Hope Farm · Testimony - Daniela Lima

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