Testimonial: May 2020

Gustavo Passos

Testimonial: May 2020

Of the thirteen years that I was away from home, ten went without speaking to my mother. I can say that I hit rock bottom, that period that we don't even love ourselves, let alone the next one.

Even with the distance, there was a moment when I realized that the solution would be to call my mother, because I no longer had a place to live, I was without a job and money. So, my mother said that I couldn't stay at her house like that, I would have to accept the proposal to go and recover at Fazenda da Esperança. So I arrived to recover.

My mother came for the first visit, but I couldn't speak well or hug her. That hurt a lot, I waterthere was a lot of hurt. During an adoration I started to cry and, with a hug, I asked for forgiveness; his response was: “Son, I don't have to forgive you. When I brought you here, I had already forgiven you ”. She then forgave me for everything I had done, and it helped me take many steps in the recovery period, better understanding the charism of Hope.

Today, not only do I live this charism, but my whole family. Despite being away, my mother comes on Saturdays before the visitae does volunteer work at the Casa de Apoio Sol Nascente, which welcomes patients with terminal AIDS, as a form of donation and gratitude that our family has for the farm.

The result of all this is that, now, my relationship with my mother is the best possible. I can hug her, talk and talk about all the problems. Without a doubt, I managed to put an end to the hurts I had towards her and I can say that she is my best friend. The value my mother has for me is priceless!

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