Finance Unit in Sobral / CE performs action to welcome homeless people

With the desire to be a concrete response to people who are homeless, in the midst of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, Fazenda da Esperança, started a great campaign to welcome homeless people.

Finance Unit in Sobral / CE performs action to welcome homeless people

In Sobral, Fazenda da Esperança São Bento carried out, last Saturday (16), an action with the objective of welcoming 15 homeless people from Sobral and other cities such as Tianguá and Chaval. Since March, more than 500 homeless people have been welcomed at the various units of Fazenda da Esperança throughout Brazil. They received a home, bed, food and care, through their lives and the donation of volunteers.

The action to welcome homeless people takes place in partnership with the Esperança Viva (GEV) Groups of Fazenda da Esperança, which operate in Sobral and Tianguá, and also with institutions such as Obra Lumen and Toca de Assis, responsible for taking these people to the therapeutic community, which is located in the Patriarch district. A reception house is being prepared at the site, with a team of six volunteers, to provide all the necessary assistance to new arrivals.
“This group of volunteers will spiritually feed these homeless people, so that, after the period of isolation, they can be inserted in other activities together with the other people recovering from Fazenda da Esperança”, explains the coordinator of Fazenda da Esperança in Sobral, Danilo dos Santos Silva.

According to Danilo, the homeless people who will be welcomed at Fazenda da Esperança will follow all isolation recommendations. In order to provide all necessary assistance, the institution requested support from the Patriarch's Health Post to carry out tests and monitor the health of these people.

With the increase in the number of people welcomed at Fazenda da Esperança, the consumption of food and hygiene products increases. A non-profit institution, the therapeutic community at this time needs even more support and counts on donations, which can be made by bank transfer to the following account:

Savings Bank
Ag 0554
C / C 3544-8
Social Work NS da Glória Fazenda da Esperança São Bento
48.555.775 CNPJ / 0066-03

Source: Sobral Online

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