Testimonial - June 2020

Ricardo Oliveira

Testimonial - June 2020

I learned about the proposal to put the Gospel into practice through the Focolare Movement. This impressed me a lot and, during the training periods we were doing, I got to know Fazenda da Esperança.

The lifestyle that is presented to those welcomed, of putting into practice a part of the Gospel on a daily basis, fascinated me a lot. People who had lived in the world of drugs and crime experimenting with God and the Word. It was impressive to the point that I wanted to get to know life inside the farm.

At that time, he was taking the newsletter of the Family of Ambassadors to a group of young people, to share the experiences of those welcomed with the experience of the Gospel. Until in 1997, I decided to do a three-month experiment at the Fazenda unit in Casca / RS. So, I quit my job and went to live on the farm.

I spent six years in Teresópolis / RJ, at the Fazenda unit that exists there and once a group of boys tried to rob me, in the city center; in the middle of that group a boy appeared who shouted “Uncle!”, he was one of the ex-shelters who had returned to the street. The others were moved and, in the end, the assault did not happen. This was all an opportunity for God to tell them what our life is like, and to explain the love that touches hearts and changes our lives.

Then, I was invited to live in Mozambique and stayed there for 10 years, I can say that it was a great gift from God. I followed a whole generation, I had experience with orphaned children. We made a house for them and also received the boys who came to study.

Today I see many of them trained, one is responsible for GEV (Grupo Esperança Viva) in Africa; another is a teacher. Some examples are that living the Gospel transforms and motivates people. Not to mention the possibility of having adopted a Mozambican child, Eusébio, who arrived under the age of two and now lives with us in Brazil. They are the opportunities to love the neighbor that God presents to us. This reinforces how important it is to live each moment well, so that in the future we will have this joy in our hearts: that of bringing Hope.

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