Unit in Jaboatão dos Guararapes / PE receives donations

Check out the message sent by the person in charge of Finance in Jaboatão dos Guararapes / PE, who received donations to welcome the homeless

Unit in Jaboatão dos Guararapes / PE receives donations

"When I finished the Holy Mass, I ran to write about the great love of God manifested to us, for having taken the step, like you, to welcome the little brothers and sisters who are on the street. Last Saturday we welcomed a group of 14 young people, all of whom are still here, and for the first time in 2 years from Jaboatão, the farm is full and has a waiting list to enter.

I wanted to share the experience we had: to accommodate this whole group, we didn't have enough mattresses, so I disposed of the ones I had in my room, we took them from the guest room, the other guests and coordinators also moved to welcome us, we had to take the step to let go. We prepare the bed, personal hygiene kits, bath towels - everything to wait for the new brothers to arrive and be received with dignity. Some, when they entered the room, were moved by not believing that all that care was for them. We welcomed last Friday.

The second Monday, a lady called us, interested in knowing if we were in need of a donation of mattresses. Who spoke to her? I didn't believe it, God manifested himself very quickly - before we realized that providence had increased, people are interested in our needs. I told her that we did need it; of 8 mattresses. She was not satisfied, asked if we didn't need more - so I said that two of our houses needed to change the mattresses, as they were not new and had already come from a donation that Gilberto da Obra de Maria had made us at the beginning of the mission , so it was time to change. So, she said that she would get together with some friends and donate the 36 mattresses - to complete what is missing and also change those that are already shabby - she will also donate the beds.

Stepped and overflowing measure that the Gospel speaks. As we do not need the beds we will donate to São Joaquim do Monte together with the mattresses that we will exchange here. Thank you for your yes and for the evangelical boldness. We are on the right way. One! "

Check out the photos of the welcome to the homeless:

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