Testimonial - July 2020

Maria Kondo

Testimonial - July 2020

One day, the postman delivered a correspondence from Fazenda da Esperança and when I opened the first thing I saw, it was a ticket for donation, but I didn't pay any attention. Once, watching the newspaper on TV, the reporter said the script of Pope Benedict XVI, that is, where he would pass and one of the places would be by the Farm. This aroused a curiosity: what would this place be? I thought it would be a holy place.

I remember that I waited with great anxiety to pass the month, to come again that newsletter of the Family of Ambassadors, that the people who collaborate with the Farm receive monthly. Then, when I arrived, I read that it was a place where drug addicts recover and that gave me great joy, because since I was 17 years old I had a dream of donating my inheritance to open a place where people could recover.

In 2008, we opened the farm in my city, Ibiporã / PR, and the most beautiful thing is that I am now part of this family, the Família da Esperança. Ten years later, I made my perpetual vows dedicating my life to the charism of Hope. Since then, I have become an Ambassador of Hope and even though I am a member of this family, every month I set aside a sum to contribute to this Work.

The most beautiful thing is that I registered my family, they are all Ambassadors of Hope. Let this be multiplied as Pope Benedict XVI himself said: "Be Ambassadors of Hope and bring Hope, which is Jesus Christ, to as many people as possible!"

Today I understand the importance of helping Fazenda da Esperança. That is why I invite you to become an Ambassador of Hope. This is the concrete way to collaborate in the recovery of many fragile people who are looking for a new beginning in life.

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