Check out Live People of Hope

Last Saturday (11) at 20 pm Live People of Hope was held, direct from Sobral / CE

Check out Live People of Hope

The Fazenda da Esperança São Bento unit, located in Sobral / CE, holds the traditional São Bento party every year, celebrated on July 11th. This anniversary celebrates the inauguration anniversary of the Sanctuary of Hope located at the Fazenda unit.

This year the unit received a new challenge and has the help of everyone, a project called Casa de Acolhida São Padre Pio, located in Serra da Meruoca, a place that welcomes people in vulnerable situations and who need a lot of help. Because of the pandemic, the event was a LIVE with the presence of several artists, who support the activities of the Farm.

There's still time to watch! Donate and share this life-saving action!

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