Coronavirus: Vatican to finance 168 projects in 23 countries in Latin America

The Vatican Foundation Populorum Progressio will finance 168 projects in 23 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to contribute to the short and medium term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus: Vatican to finance 168 projects in 23 countries in Latin America

“In the face of this crisis of global proportions that we are facing, these projects aim to be a tangible sign of the Pope's charity, as well as an appeal to all Christians and people of good will to always practice better the virtue of the practice of charity and solidarity, ensuring that, during this pandemic, 'no one is left behind', as the Holy Father Pope Francis invited us, "said a Vatican note.

In this regard, the Department for the Integral Human Development Service reported on August 4 that the Board of Directors of the Populorum Progressio Foundation met on July 29 and 30 in a telematic way to “analyze the consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the region. Latin America and the Caribbean ”.

At this meeting, 138 were selected from the countless social development projects, focused "mainly on those with the objective of helping to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in the short and medium term, prepared by communities and regions in greatest need", in addition to another 30 food aid projects, already underway, approved by the Board of Directors in June, in response to a request from Pope Francis, due to the collaboration between the Foundation and the Vatican Commission COVID-19".

As the Vatican note described it, the meeting of the Populorum Progressio Foundation was chaired by Archbishop of Arequipa (Peru), Bishop Javier del Río Alba, who is the chairman of the Board of Directors, and by Fr. Luis Ferney López.

The Foundation's president, Cardinal Peter Turkson, prefect of the Department for Integral Human Development Service, to which the Foundation is entrusted, intervened at the meeting “to thank and encourage its member members to continue to work with dedication and enthusiasm on behalf of those who need support in this difficult situation ”.

In addition, the Department Secretary, Dom Bruno-Marie Duffé, spoke at the meeting, stressing that "it is not a question of preparing for the future, but of preparing the future" and quoted Pope Francis to recall that "the charity of Church it must be a testimony of faith and hope and solidarity must help us to transform fear into that hope ”.

Source: ACI Digital

Credit: St. Peter's Square. Photo: Daniel Ibáñez / ACI Prensa

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