Testimonial - September 2020

Danilo Moreira

Testimonial - September 2020

At 16 I started with the addiction to drugs and alcohol. As a young man I became a father.

Because of my addiction I missed great opportunities, job offers and the chance to be with my son. He started to grow up and be aware of what I was experiencing. That's when I started to worry, because I was already losing the dignity of being a father.

He sought help, spent a lot of time in sobriety, but relapsed. Seeing this suffering, my wife introduced me to the Esperança Viva Group (GEV). After a follow-up in this group, I decided to recover at Fazenda da Esperança.

During the first three months it was very difficult. There was a very big conflict inside me because of abstinence. I received a letter, in which my wife thought about ending the relationship, it was then that I thought: I will give up!

I didn't say anything to anyone and I was determined to leave. However, despite this desire, he tried to put the words of the Gospel into practice. However, the following day's sentence was: “It is by standing firm, that you will earn a living” (Lk 21,19). This stretch chosen to live took on me coherence with the new lifestyle that the Fazenda introduced me to.

At that moment, I felt that God comforted me, and gave me knowledge of how to resolve the situation. With that attitude, listening to the Word of God, I managed to solve my problems.

Today, my family is rebuilt. When I finish my walk, I have my marriage scheduled before God, and I am very happy for this rich mercy of Him in my life.

 * Danilo when he recounted his experience was concluding his year of recovery, as well as others welcomed who leave their testimony in the Diário da Esperança. For this reason, we count on your prayer for all those who seek a new lifestyle in the units of Fazenda da Esperança.

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