Cosme and Damião: the medical twins who took care of the poor without charging anything

Get to know the story of saints Cosme and Damião, who became the doctors' patron

Cosme and Damião: the medical twins who took care of the poor without charging anything

Born in Aegeae, currently called Yumurtal? K, in Turkey, they had 3 other brothers: Antimo, Leôncio and Euprépio. THE father he had also been a martyr during one of the persecutions of Christians promoted by Emperor Diocletian. THE mother, Theodata, is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church.

The twins studied science in Syria, where they also did their medical training. They exercised their profession in Aegeae, where they reached great reputation for healing the sick not only with their knowledge, but also through miracles promoted by their prayers.

The people of the East called Cosme and Damião “non-collectors”, since they treated the poor sick free of charge anything. However, instead of charging, they made a request that surprised many: they asked patients to allow them to talk a little bit about Jesus Christ.

This practice, however, started to bother the governor of Cilicia, Lísias, who tried to stop them from preaching the Gospel. Failed. Seeing that they were persevering in the testimony of their faith, he ordered them to be thrown into the sea, but a huge wave returned them to the beach safe and sound. In a new attempt, Lísias ordered the two twins to be burned alive, but the flames, instead of touching them, turned to the pagan executioners who tortured them.

The medical brothers were finally beheaded, heroically embracing the martyrdom In the name of Jesus Christ.

Next to his grave began to happen miracle cures that benefited Emperor Justinian himself, of Constantinople: after resorting to both martyrs, he found himself inexplicably cured of a serious illness that doctors had been unable to treat.

Source: Aleteia

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