Testimonial - November 2020

Claudinei Rangel Augusto

Testimonial - November 2020

I started using drugs at the age of 17 during clubbing on the weekends and consumption only increased. At 19 I was already a father and since I didn't live with my daughter's mother, I helped financially.

Time passed and the money was all for drugs. I was arrested three times and did not look for my daughter anymore. I distanced myself, because I thought she would be ashamed of me. How many times have I arrived at your door and been unable to enter. Anyway, for more than ten years I had no contact.

The feeling I had was that I was only happy when I was using drugs, but when the effect was over, to have that momentary happiness back, I had to use it again. And so it was for a long time until I saw that there was no more.

I had heard about the farm, but I had never paid attention. I asked my mother for help and told her that I wanted to get off drugs.

I arrived at the farm with the intention of staying six months, but I understood that it was necessary to stay for a year to be able to understand this new way of living. I decided to stay longer because I wanted to change. I often thought about winning my daughter back, but I had no hope. She came on one of the visits, only I couldn't say everything I wanted to say. So I wrote a letter telling everything I wanted to say. I sent it and after a few days she answered me.

Even disconcerted I was very excited, because he told me to stay calm and strong on the walk because, thanks to his forgiveness, when I left, we would start all over again.

Thank goodness, my daughter forgave me for everything I did. I am already close to returning to my home and I want to live a totally different relationship. The Farm taught me that I need two essential instruments to live in society: to value my family and the Word of God. So I want to remain standing, even in the face of possible difficulties that arise along the way.

* Claudinei, when he recounted his experience, was completing his year of recovery, as well as others welcomed who leave their testimony in the Diário da Esperança. For this reason, we count on your prayer for all those who seek a new lifestyle in the units of Fazenda da Esperança.

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