Inauguration unit of Fazenda da Esperança in Guarabira / PB

On November 11, a unit of Fazenda da Esperança was inaugurated in the Diocese of Guarabira / PB.

Inauguration unit of Fazenda da Esperança in Guarabira / PB

On the occasion, there was a Mass in thanksgiving for the inauguration, celebrated by Dom Aldemiro Sena, concelebrated by other priests of the Diocese and by Father Anderson Fontes - coordinator of the Treasury. Carrying the name of Dom Marcelo Pinto Cavalheira, the first Bishop to shepherd our diocese after the canonical erection, our Fazenda da Esperança is located in the city of Guarabira, more precisely, in the place where the Talita Community worked - space built by Monsignor Luís Pescarmona .

Fazenda da Esperança has its origin in São Paulo, in the 1980s, spreading, today, not only in the American continent, but also in Africa, Asia and Europe. According to its founder, Frei Hans Stapel, his genesis took place in the midst of a globalized culture, marked by secularization and consumption, however, despite this, God revealed his love for these people, performing miracles, transforming them. In his homily, during the inauguration mass, Dom Aldemiro stressed that, as a therapeutic community, the Farm employs methods that enable the achievement of its main objective, which are: work, family life and spirituality.

In this jubilee year for the Diocese of Guarabira, it is a grace to open space for a work such as the Fazenda da Esperança, since it allows men and women to have new chances when achieving recovery, at the same time, they are reconciled with God and with themselves . Furthermore, when paying homage to Dom Marcelo Pinto Cavalheira, we remember a priest who knew how to live charity, love the poor and welcome the most needy, a priest whose vocation, preaching and love for Jesus marked the Diocese of Guarabira. Hence, Fazenda da Esperança is a practical example of love-charity, much lived by Dom Marcelo.

Finally, in welcoming this therapeutic community, our Diocese seeks to act similarly to the Good Samaritan. There are many people stunned in the labyrinth of addictions, who need to be seen and recognized, never overlooked and forgotten. Before them, opening our eyes to see them, it is necessary to sympathize, acting with benevolence and compassion, granting them the opportunity to meet God. Finally, there is an urgent need for care, manifested in the monitoring throughout the 12 months of the recovery process, but also in the support provided for the social reintegration of these people - often overshadowed by prejudice and discredit. Thus, the Diocese of Guarabira exemplifies, for the entire diocesan community, a means of realizing the Word shared and reflected through the motto of the Fraternity Campaign 2020: “saw, felt compassion and cared for him” (Lk 10,33, 34-XNUMX).

By: Pastoral of Diocesan Communication - PASCOM

Source: Diocese of Guarabira

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