School of Communion 2020 lives a new mission

Due to the pandemic, the School of Communion 2020 had an atypical year in which it had to reschedule its activities, as members through work must support themselves.

School of Communion 2020 lives a new mission

Participants at the School of Communion 2020 come from different countries, such as: Mozambique, Argentina and also from different states of Brazil, including Amazonas, Piauí, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and Ceará. In the period of one month, there are missions in the Farms, the work during this year happened in the lives Doing good does good, where members of the male and female schools participated in the phone calls. 

Sergio, a participant, told a little about what the school experience represents.
'' Due to the pandemic we had the opportunity to really live as brothers and sisters, to deepen the relationship of life between us. We had a view based on the previous schools that missionary work would take place outside the farm, with this situation we had to find joy living in the restricted environment between the male and female schools and really generate life among us ”.

The School of Communion has as main objective the formation of the members of the Family of Hope, in the deepening of the Charism of Hope.
Students are chosen by their guardians, who remain for a period of 10 months at the training center in Guaratinguetá / SP. During the weekly class period, the topics covered are administration, accounting, languages, but mainly spirituality and the Charism of Hope.

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