FIEG makes donations to two Fazenda units in Goiás

Fazenda da Esperança expresses its gratitude to Fieg Mais Solidária for donations made to two Fazenda units in Goiás.

FIEG makes donations to two Fazenda units in Goiás

Last Tuesday (01), 25 milk boxes, 15 basic baskets, 300 masks and 15 chickens were donated to Leila Brandim, responsible for Fazenda Santa Rita in the city of Goiânia and Mateus, responsible for Fazenda Mãe da Santa Esperança, in Aurilândia.

FIEG + Solidária is a permanent project and aims to collect donations from partner companies and individuals to distribute to institutions that assist families in a state of misery or who need help. 

Conceived by lawyer Raquel Ribeiro, wife of the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás, the action counts on the contribution of industry unions and entrepreneurs from the industrial sector in Goiás. "We seek to bring hope to hundreds of families, especially in this pandemic moment, when there is a greater vulnerability of many families, with a large number of people unable to work and seek their livelihood due to social isolation," said Raquel Ribeiro.

May God enlighten the minds of entrepreneurs who generate jobs and sustainable prosperity.



Source: With information from fieg.com.br

Credit: Photo Disclosure Fieg Mais Solidária

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