First female farm in the north of the state of Ceará is being finalized

Fazenda da Esperança in Serra da Meruoca is scheduled to open in April 2021

First female farm in the north of the state of Ceará is being finalized

The first female unit of Fazenda da Esperança in the North of Ceará is already being finalized, aimed at the recovery of women against drug addiction. The project, which has been operating for over 12 years in Sobral through Fazenda da Esperança São Bento, a male unit installed in the Patriarch district, will also operate in Serra da Meruoca, in the Palestine district, with initial capacity to accommodate 15 women who wish to leave the drug addiction.

A non-profit institution with hundreds of units spread over more than 20 countries around the world, Fazenda da Esperança has been operating since 1983 with a therapeutic method of reception based on the pillars Work as a pedagogical process, Family coexistence and Spirituality to find meaning of life. With four units in operation in Ceará, the fifth being the unit to be inaugurated in Serra da Meruoca, Fazenda da Esperança, throughout its activities in the northern region of the state, has undertaken several initiatives, through its missionaries, volunteers and partners, to help people who daily reach the institution asking for help to recover from drugs.

“In 2017 we managed to hold a solidarity fair with goods donated by the IRS and a charity dinner, and in 2018 we had a show with Father Reginaldo Manzotti, in favor of the women's farm. Thanks to the resources collected in these initiatives, we were able to start the construction of Fazenda Santa Clara ”, highlights Liciana Fillizola, volunteer who coordinates the new therapeutic community project.

According to Liciana, it is the involvement of all civil society that makes it possible to realize the dream of a female unit of Fazenda da Esperança in the region. “It is a joy to be fulfilling this dream that was born in the Year of Mercy, in 2015, and which brings to our community another option to welcome women to recover them from drugs, with the differential being the possibility of taking their children, if necessary, being one more strength to contribute to your treatment ”, explains the volunteer.

According to Liciana, many obstacles were faced, however greater were the gifts and manifestations of divine providence. “There were many obstacles faced, which only strengthened us and showed us that the things of God are not always easy, but in the end, in addition to evangelization, the transformation of the lives of these women that we are going to recover, we will have the opportunity to spread the word of the Gospel and Hope for many people who have no problems with addiction, but have weaknesses in their faith, lack of Hope and a sense of life ”.


To start the work of welcoming and recovering women in Serra da Meruoca, Fazenda da Esperança is launching a campaign to furnish the first home of the therapeutic community. With opening scheduled for April 11, the day on which the Sunday of Mercy will be celebrated in the liturgical calendar, Fazenda da Esperança is in need of furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils and mattresses for the home. “In this final stretch to inaugurate our Women's Farm, we continue to count on the help of all civil society, all help is welcome in this project that aims to recover lives and rescue the dignity of so many women and families”, emphasizes Liciana.

To find out how to help Fazenda da Esperança Santa Clara, contact us by phone (88) 3611-0054 or by whatsapp (88) 99671-1865.

Source: sobralonline.com

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