40 steps for you to follow a path of conversion in this Lent

Take steps with us during Lent that will help you live this time better

40 steps for you to follow a path of conversion in this Lent

     1- Begin this Lent with a good confession and a purpose in life.

     2- Offer the crosses or difficulties of each day with one: “For you, Jesus”.

    3- Fasting from some attitude of my old man (pride, arrogance, manipulation, etc.).

     4- Perform some service that costs you.

     5- Make a prayer time in the chapel.

     6- Love your neighbor as yourself.

     7- Write a letter asking someone for forgiveness.

     8- Put yourself at the service of others.

     9- Practice patience with everyone.

    10- Reconcile yourself with someone you don't get along with.


     11- Do everything in unity with your brothers.

     12- Ask God to heal what is broken in you.

     13- Be merciful to the faults of your brothers.

     14- Offer your work and your prayer for all the sick.

     15- Serve everyone without distinction.

     16- Let go of something and give it to those who need it.

     17- Fight your dominant defect.              

     18- Trust your sins to the mercy of God and always start again, soon and with joy

     19- Don't judge, be compassionate to everyone.

    20- Look around and help those in need.   


    21- Reconcile yourself with your story, accept your failures and bid yourself to love.  

    22- Live mutual love in order to have the presence of Jesus in our midst.        

    23- Renew your commitment and purpose of Lent.            

    24- Be tolerant of others.         

    25- Let God today love others through you.            

    26- Find a time in your day to approach God in the tabernacle.

    27- Start your week by living happily and in harmony with everyone.           

    28- Forgive the person who irritates you, the one you hold a grudge against.            

   29- Perform your work with perfection and humility.   

   30- Change a habit that does not do you good, correct it.    


   31- Pray for your family and those you have offended.          

   32- Start loving again, loving first.  

   33- Renew your covenant with God. May He be the first in your life.

   34- See Jesus in each brother and love him as Jesus would love him.   

   35- Let your conversations be constructive.    

   36- Love everyone without distinction.         

   37- Free yourself from your fears, abandon yourself, like Mary, to the will of God.    

   38- Make some sacrifice for the unity of your family and for peace in the world.      

   39- Offer to do what no one wants to do.  

   40- Prepare your heart and decide what will die and resurrect in you this week?

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