Pope extends mandate of Nelson Giovanelli in the Pontifical Commission for Guardianship of Minors

Pope Francis extended the mandate of the members of the Pontifical Commission for Guardianship of Minors for another year, including Nelson Giovanelli Rosendo dos Santos, one of the founders of Fazenda da Esperança.

Pope extends mandate of Nelson Giovanelli in the Pontifical Commission for Guardianship of Minors


According to Nelson Giovanelli, the decision to extend this mandate was due to “a reality linked to the pandemic”, since the Commission's 2020 projects needed to be stopped. "If our term ended in February, as planned, it would compromise several projects," he explained to the ACI Digital.

Giovanelli cited, for example, a seminar with bishops and diocesan anti-abuse services that would take place in 2020, but could not be carried out and will soon take place online.

For the co-founder of Fazenda da Esperança, being able to contribute to the work of the Pontifical Commission for Guardianship of Minors “is a challenge and also a joy, because the Pope has taken on board the issue of child abuse, so that this does not happen any more. social segment ”.

“It is also a joy because I can contribute to the experience of healing the wounds that I have here at Fazenda da Esperança”, indicated Nelson Giovanelli, adding that “the vast majority of dependencies have their origin in past pains”, among which childhood abuse is found in some cases.



In this sense, Nelson pointed out that at Fazenda da Esperança they have an “experience of healing and liberation” and, as they are present in more than one hundred communities in countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe, “we see that it is not just a cultural issue, but a human experience ”.

For Nelson Giovanelli, the large presence of lay people in the Pontifical Commission is also a reflection of the 'Letter from Pope Francis to the People of God', of August 2018, in which the Pontiff points out that “when a member suffers, everyone suffers from him”.

“In the letter, the Pope summons the entire Church and society to fight abuses together; not just the clergy - this one in the first place - but all the people of God ”, he added.

Abuse Prevention Webinar

According to Nelson Giovanelli, one of the ways to promote the prevention of child abuse is through courses, congresses. “These events help in the formation of an abuse prevention culture. The more these events happen, the less a taboo is created in relation to the theme ”, he said.

For this reason, he stated that whenever he receives an invitation to participate in these courses, he accepts, as it is an experience and knowledge that he received “free” and, therefore, “I must repay”, he said.

"I try to share this reality that I have inside the Fazenda da Esperança, of listening, healing and liberation," he added.

One of these events that will feature the participation of Nelson Giovanelli will be the webinar 'The prevention of sexual abuse', which will take place on May 15, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Apostolate (ABA), with support from the Interdisciplinary Research and Training Center for the Protection of Minors (CEPROME), from the Diocese of Petrópolis, Reconcliatio - Integral Psychology and the Christian Life Movement.

As explained to ACI Digital the psychologist José Augusto Rento Cardoso, from Reconciliatio, the realization of the webinar is part of the celebration, on May 18, of the National Day to Combat Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Adolescents.

Because of this date, “May is a month where several initiatives aim to raise awareness among the population about the importance of the theme”, he pointed out, stressing that “the Church has a fundamental role in raising awareness and combating this evil, whether in the ecclesial sphere or in the civil scope ”.

In this way, the webinar has “the intention of presenting what the Church has been doing and how it is concerned with building a culture of prevention”.

The event will be attended by Fr. Daniel Portillo, from CEPROME, and Nelson Giovanelli, who “will address, respectively, 'Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church: the preventive actions of the Church in Latin America' and 'Approach to victims of Sexual Abuse and the Importance of Prevention '”.

Subsequently, there will be a round table in order to “present the initiatives and interventions that have been carried out in Brazil”, with Dr. Eliane De Carli, coordinator of the Lux Mundi Center, and Dante Aragon and José Augusto, from Reconciliatio, who have years old works with the Sexual Abuse Prevention and Promotion of Safe Environments for Children and Adolescents Program.

The webinar is aimed at all people who are interested in the theme and will be free. More information and registration can be accessed at http://bit.ly/webinarioprevencao

Source: ACI Digital

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