Member of the Esperança Family makes up Young Organism

Lucas Ricardo Marçal Ramos, 24, a member of the Family of Hope, is the only Brazilian present in the new organization.

Member of the Esperança Family makes up Young Organism

“When she chose to take care of young people at this Synod, the Church as a whole made a very concrete choice: she considers this mission to be a decisive pastoral priority, in which she must invest time, energy and resources. From the beginning of the path of preparation, young people expressed a desire to be involved, valued and to feel co-protagonists in the life and mission of the Church. We recognize, in this experience, a fruit of the Spirit that never ceases to renew the Church and calls her to practice synodality as a way of being and acting, promoting the participation of all the baptized and people of good will, each according to their own age, state of life and vocation ”. (Final Document of the Youth Synod, 119).

 In 2018, the 15th edition of the Synod of Bishops was dedicated to young people, with the theme “Young people, faith and vocational discernment”, reinforcing the “pastoral importance that the Church gives to young people”. After the conclusion of the Synod, the Final Document brought an important request: that a constitution be “Body to represent young people at the international level (123)”.

Thus was born the International Youth Advisory Body created by the Department for the Laity, Family and Life, on November 24, 2019, with the participation of young people from different countries, including the Brazilian Lucas Ricardo Marçal Ramos (Fazenda da Esperança).

This Advisory Body has also come to be called “International Youth Observatory” and in practice the Observatory's activities include presenting the Department with the ideas and initiatives of young people, as well as their expectations and concerns. It is important to highlight - especially on this date when the World Youth Day (March 30) - the role of the Observatory as an organ of global representation of youth expressions.

“In 2019, when the creation of the observatory was announced, the first 20 young people who will collaborate in this work over the course of three years were also appointed. The importance of this Organization is precisely in the fact that it plays a consultative and proactive role, collaborating with the Department to deepen issues related to youth ministry and other issues of general interest ”, comments Lucas.

With just over a year of existence, the Observatory has already held some meetings online due to the pandemic - the first of which was attended by Cardinal Kevin Farrell, prefect of the Department. So far, young people have participated in monthly meetings (or every other month) with the secretary of the Department for the Laity, Family and Life, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, I. Sch., And are divided into working groups that involve: WYD Social Media, International Congress, Synact Implementation (online platform), Youth Online Meeting, and Youth Training.

Regarding the work done so far, Lucas assesses: “At the beginning it was a challenge to find a time [for the meetings] that was easy for everyone, since we have people from all over the world and also the communication due to the different languages. Gradually we were discovering tools that could approach and help us. From a more personal point of view, I always try to refer to our model of Youth Ministry in Brazil and my particular experience in the various works with the youth that I have already had the opportunity to collaborate with ”.

Currently Lucas is part of the teams of the Online Meeting for Youth and Social Media of WYD. “Today I am the group coordinator for the Meeting and we have created an online form where each member has questions and suggestions that they can ask. This will be our working document. After everyone has responded, we will have an online meeting to organize a first proposal on the Meeting in order to present it to the Department. And I am also part of the Social Media team for the for WYD Lisbon 2023 ”.

Source: Connected Youth

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