Young people promote actions and dialogue for active citizenship at United World Week 2021

With the theme "Dare Caring", young people from five continents participate in a global project to influence public opinion on active and political citizenship by the unit.

Young people promote actions and dialogue for active citizenship at United World Week 2021

From May 1 to 9, the United World Week 2021, performed by Youth Movement for a United World, inspired by the charism and spirituality of the Focolare Movement. 

This year, with the theme "Dare to Care", the youth wants to call attention to the care with listening, dialogue, communication, participation for the common good, with a view to active citizenship for cities and the planet. 

As in previous years, young people propose, on all continents, local and international initiatives with the aim of sensitizing public opinion about the peaceful coexistence of peoples and cultures. The actions take place in cities, neighborhoods, schools and in the workplace, and involve local and national administration, as well as public and private organizations. At the international level, in general, the initiatives are aimed at supporting emergency situations as victims of earthquakes, floods, wars, pandemics, among others

This year's national program includes activities such as food collection, virtual training on “Cogovernance: Being a citizen means daring and caring”, in addition to immersions in projects such as Milonga - of a cultural character - and the Living Peace International, in the area of ​​education. Due to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, the actions will be virtual. 

The young man, Caio Melo, 32, from Minas Gerais, is part of the Youth for a United World Movement and is in charge of local SMU initiatives. "We want to get out of ourselves and reaching out to those in need of care, be they financial, health, environmental, moral, spiritual and, also, politics. SMU is a challenge that makes us leave our boxes and dare to talk more, to look more outside our surroundings ”, said the young man.

In the 2019 edition, which had as its theme “No one in need”, a group of young people, from the city of Benevides, in Pará, for example, visited the home of Emilio Kabá, an indigenous Munduruku ethnic group. The initiative was an opportunity to listen and dialogue with indigenous culture, as well as the experience of the love relationship with nature. 

About SMU 

Launched in 1995, the SMU involves hundreds of people annually, in a series of activities aimed at influencing public opinion for a more fraternal dialogue between people of different religions and cultures, out of respect for the dignity of all human beings, for the identity of all people and communities. The Week is promoted by young people from the Youth Movement for a United World, inspired by the Focolare Movement, with a Christian base, with ecumenical, inter-religious and cultural activities. 

Check out some actions of the United World Week in Brazil: 

01/05, 20: 30h - SMU opening - In the News format, young people will promote an interaction and present all the regional offices in Brazil. 

02/05: Run4Unity - 10: 45h to 12h - Worldwide race for Unity. Watch on the official YouTube of the Focolare Movement in Brazil.

04/05, 18 pm - Live - “The culture of care as a path of peace” - With the Living Peace International Project, a project that works to reinforce collaborations and cooperate with so many other existing initiatives in the world for the construction of a "network" of peace that embraces the world. Watch it on the official YouTube of the United World Project.   

05/05 Local schedules. In Pará, as an initiative, young people are collecting food to donate to the needy. Other local initiatives will be published in the Young People for a United World Instagram page (@jpmubrasil).

06/05, 19:30, by Zoom - “Co-governance: Being a citizen means daring and caring”. On the practice of governing for the good of the community.

08/05 Live with the Milonga Project, the project offers an opportunity for young people between 21 and 35 years old to carry out fraternal, intercultural and quality volunteering.

09/05 International - Launch of the new Pathway - with the theme of Integral Ecology.

To participate and stay on top of the program, access the Instagram profile of Youth for a United World - JPMU @jpmubrasil 

International Programming: 

01/05, 16 pm - Gen Verde Band Concert - A Time for Change - Follow by the official link.


08/05, 16 pm - Gen Rosso Band Concert - Together - Follow by the official link.


By Belisa Nunes

Source: Hearth

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