Launch: Frei - a conversation with Hans Stapel

A work formulated from conversations between Fr. Christian Heim and Frei Hans, founder of Fazenda da Esperança. This publication presents the reader with several aspects and remarkable facts of the life of this Franciscan, who arrived in Brazil more than 40 years ago

Launch: Frei - a conversation with Hans Stapel
A book that was born out of a dialogue, that is, it is an unplanned conversation. Something thought over months, the result of conversations with Frei Hans, in the environment of his home, during some trips and in other moments of great freedom.

These are questions and answers that lead the reader on a journey of surrender, trust, resignation and gratitude. 

During the 316 pages of the book, it will be possible to realize that the experiences he lived, even the negative ones, were transformed into concrete actions for the good.

Format: 21 x 14 cm 
Edição: 1
Number of Pages: 316
Ano: 2021

ISBN: 9786599142239
Publisher Fazenda da Esperança

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