Entitlement of the Ministry of Citizenship visits Fazenda da Esperança in Guaratinguetá / SP

Units visited serve 150 men and 80 women in the process of recovering from chemical, alcohol and other drug addiction.

Entitlement of the Ministry of Citizenship visits Fazenda da Esperança in Guaratinguetá / SP

The Federal Government, through the new National Drug Policy, which completed two years in April, supports therapeutic communities to offer people with chemical, alcohol and other drug dependencies the possibility of recovery and a new life. This Friday (30.01/01.05) and Saturday (150), the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, visited and got to know the works developed by the units of Fazenda da Esperança São Libório, which serves 80 men in recovery, and by the female unit, which welcomes about XNUMX women, in Guaratinguetá (SP).

“It is a joy to be here and have this welcome. I am impressed by the caprice and the light way in which people work. It is very good to know the reality and details of the trajectory of the therapeutic communities, which contribute so much to our country ”, said Minister João Roma.

Therapeutic communities are private institutions that provide reception services to people with disorders resulting from the use, abuse or dependence on alcohol and other drugs. Currently, the Federal Government finances around 500 therapeutic communities across the country. Until 2018, the Union financed about 2.900 free treatment places for people in these units. Today, there are 11 thousand vacancies.

The city of Guaratinguetá has three units of Fazenda da Esperança enabled by the Federal Government. The visit was accompanied by the national secretary of Care and Drug Prevention of the Ministry of Citizenship, Quirino Cordeiro, by the head of the Special Advisory on Strategic Affairs of the Ministry of Citizenship, Ronaldo Vieira, and by federal deputies Eros Biodini and Francisco Júnior.

“We quadrupled the number of vacancies financed by the government for people to have access to free treatment at these entities. In the last two years, around 11 thousand people went through these 55 thousand vacancies ”, evaluated Quirino Cordeiro.

At Fazenda Esperança, the reception is carried out on a temporary basis, for 12 months, and exclusively on a voluntary basis. The units have a multidisciplinary team, with doctors, psychologists and social workers. In 2020, the Federal Government transferred R $ 2 million to the entity. This year, R $ 508 thousand have been transferred.

“They are young people who are on the streets of all capitals and have no one to help. And if they don’t receive help from a welcoming community, they don’t have the strength. When they find shelter, they discover who they are, their strengths and become totally different citizens. It is beautiful to see this crowd of people who passed through the farms, about 30 thousand. Many today are entrepreneurs and have rebuilt their lives ”, said Fr. Hans Stapel, founder of the community.


“Brazil is currently experiencing a special moment with regard to public policies on drugs. Two years ago, the new national policy on the topic was published. Since then, the Federal Government has been betting and investing in the effective recovery of people who have chemical dependency ”, said Secretary Quirino Cordeiro.

Source: Gov.br/ Ministry of Citizenship

Credit: Photos: Júlio Dutra / Min. Citizenship

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