Discover the São Peregrino Farm located in Sena Madureira / AC

The liturgical feast of the patron saint of this unit is celebrated today, May 04

Discover the São Peregrino Farm located in Sena Madureira / AC

Brief history:        

Fazenda São Peregrino was born out of an invitation from the Fathers Servants of Mary, in the person of Brother Heitor Turrini, to establish a therapeutic community in the municipality. In the letter, where he made the request official, Frei Heitor says that they decided to donate a property acquired by the congregation, with 189ha (approximately 100ha of virgin forest and 89ha ready for cultivation), for the installation of a Recovery Center for young people from Acre . On March 19, 2007, the new Fazenda unit was opened, with the capacity to accommodate 26 male people.

Saint Pilgrim

Saint Peregrino was born in the city of Forli, in Italy. Before his conversion it was called a hurricane, it drew the attention of many. He had an impulsive, revolutionary, fiery and idealistic character. [...]

As a religious Peregrino he distinguished himself by faithful observance of the rule, by charity towards the poor, by apostolic zeal and, above all, by the spirit of mortification and penance.

For thirty years he never lay on a bed. For rest he was content to lean against a wall or lie on the floor, resting his head on a stone.

Among the miraculous facts operated in his life, the conversion of 30 thieves who, from robbers, became penitent and hermits stands out. After many years he returned to Forli, to exercise, in general admiration, the apostolate of good where he had once sown revolts.

Peregrino passed away at the age of 80, on the 1st. May 1354. Numerous miracles took place over his tomb in the church of the Servants of Mary in Forli. Pope Benedict XIII canonized him in 1726 and Pius XII proclaimed him patron of cancer patients.

Address: Rod BR364, Km06, S / N S. Madureira / M. Urban - Sena Madureira – AC.
CEP: 69.940-000 Tel: (68) 3612-2234 E-mail: senamadureira.m@fazenda.org.br

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