First Meeting Spreading Hope for Africa happens online

Last Sunday, May 9, the first Virtual Meeting of Spreading Hope for Africa took place.

First Meeting Spreading Hope for Africa happens online

We count on the participation of four countries: Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya and Angola. It was a very rich meeting and with many participations. As this is the first meeting in Africa that we would hold, we were a little unsure about the interaction. But we were surprised by the generosity of God, we had many participations and an incredible presence of Jesus in the middle.

For the countries of South Africa and Kenya we use the translation feature through the Zoom application. Ricardinho, a member of the Family of Hope and the Presidency, gave the impetus for the meeting, telling a little about the beginning of the Fazenda da Esperança and telling about the experiences resulting from the Charism. Soon after, Luzia and Filipe spoke about the reality of volunteering and the mission that enables the “Espalhando Esperança Project”. We also heard the experience of Maria Patreck, a volunteer from Mozambique and regional Africa who encouraged everyone to get out of their way and trust in God. We ended the meeting by listening to animated African songs. 

We felt the presence and contagious warmth of our brothers in Africa and we were sure that we can no longer stop these virtual meetings.

If you were interested in getting to know us and maybe doing a missionary experience please contact us on whatsapp

(12 996134952) or by email: spreadandoesperanca@fazenda.org.br 

By Filipe Campos

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