"To live is to change" marks 30 years of Bishop Dino Marchió's episcopate

Bishop Emeritus of Caruaru (PE) tells his story of religious life in a new publication by Angelus Editora.

Thirty years of episcopal life that spanned from World War II to the present day, always at the service of the Church, and a perennial desire to learn from every moment. The story of Dom Dino Marchió, Bishop Emeritus of Caruaru (PE) is told in the new work by Angelus Editora, in co-edition with Editora Fazenda Esperança.

Known as “Bishop Alegre na Esperança”, Dom Dino, who is co-founder of Fazenda da Esperança and a member of the Focolare movement, highlights moments of his formation, highlighting his family, his friendships, the Church and the humanity present in the countless people he met. throughout his life and ministry.

The book, divided into 7 chapters and 224 pages, shows the prelate's vibrancy, even in the face of the challenges of the times he lived.

"It is edifying to perceive, throughout his narrative, a constant positive attitude towards events, even the most dramatic ones, and towards the most different people, the result not of a neutral stance, but of a dialectic that inspires his entire life and allows him to be free and authentic: the dialectic of unity”, described in the introduction of the book, Bishop Francisco Biasin, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Barra do Piraí - Volta Redonda.

Faced with so many life stories, Dom Dino still provokes the reader to always rethink his life trajectory, since the desire to understand the changes in the world is one of his most striking characteristics. “Throughout my life did I look for the star or did I look for illusions? And today, where is my gaze turned? Remembering some moments in my history, I'm better understanding the meaning of my life”, she narrates.


The publication promises to be an invitation to the reader to reflect on their own life trajectory, and an inspiration to face the challenges and insecurities of today.

As the author himself invites, “Living the Gospel, trusting in God, allowing God to be God, this is the solution to our individual and social problems! Whoever knows how to value the gifts of intelligence and freedom received from the Creator advances. Whoever lets himself be guided by the light of God advances!”.

The partnership between Angelus Editora and Fazenda da Esperança will benefit more than 140 homes around the world, in 23 different countries.

Official release

This last Saturday, the 26th, the live “Viver com Esperança”, broadcast by Rede Vida de Televisão, with the participation of Dom Dino marked the launch of the book.Also on June 29, the Fazenda da Esperança celebrates its anniversary, the date on which the 30th anniversary of Bishop Dino's episcopal ordination will be commemorated.

About the Author

Bernardino Marchió (Dom Dino), was born on September 6, 1943 in Italy - City of Busca (Piedmont) - son of Constantino Francisco Marchió (farmer) and Giovanna Giordano (housewife and mother of 6 children): with 8 He was orphaned by his father for years. He studied at the Escola Pública de Busca and, at age 11, entered the Seminary of the Diocese of Saluzzo, where he continued his classical studies and took courses in Philosophy and Theology. He was ordained a priest at the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Search on June 29, 1968. He spent 7 years of pastoral service in the Parish of Bagnolo Piemonte, in the Diocese of Saluzzo. He arrived in Brazil in Palmares (PE) as a missionary “fidei donum” on October 31, 1975, where he served as Pastor of the Cathedral and Vicar General of the Diocese until June 1991. Elected Coadjutor Bishop of Pesqueira by Pope St. John Paul II, he was ordained in Palmares on June 29, 1991. In May 1993, he was appointed Diocesan Bishop of Pesqueira, where he remained until the appointment of his Successor, Bishop Francisco Biasin, in October 2003. Transferred to the Diocese of Caruaru, started his mission on January 12, 2003 and remained until his resignation, due to age limits. His successor, Dom José Ruy Gonçalves Lopes, took office on September 19, 2019.

As Bishop, he performed various services to the Church. In Regional Northeast 2, he was the reference Bishop for Catechesis, Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry, and the New Communities. For 8 years, he was a member of the CNBB Permanent Council and Member of the National Youth Commission. He was also Apostolic Administrator, for 9 months, of the Diocese of Nazareth in Pernambuco. Dom Dino, as Bishop Emeritus, currently resides in Caruaru (PE) and accompanies the Focolare Movement and the Fazenda da Esperança.

About Angelus – Publisher of Catholic Books, was launched in July 2020. Angelus was founded by Maristela Ciarrocchi, who has been working in the religious publishing market for 25 years and who, throughout her life, has been dedicated to projects of the Church and the youth. Its objective is to bring to the public works that portray the Word that is present among us, through each published book.

SERVICE Book: TO LIVE IS TO CHANGE - MEMORIES OF A BISHOP "JOYS IN HOPE" Author: Dom Dino Marchió Format: 1cm x14cm x21cm Pages: 224 Value: R$ 32,00 Publisher: Angelus - www.angeluseditora.com and https:// portalfazenda.org Social Networks: @angeluseditora | Facebook: Angelus Editora Contact: SAP Comunica- Soluções em Comunicação e Marketing Responsible Journalist – Flávia Gabriela Freitas WhatsApp (11) 960628224 (12) 3185 9695

Source: Vatican News

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