School of Communion for women living in mission in the south of the country

The missionaries arrived last Sunday (04) in Garuva, municipality of Santa Catarina and then left for Florianópolis. Check out how this experience has been!

School of Communion for women living in mission in the south of the country

Last updated on 13.07.2021

In the month of 'vacation' from the school, we were assigned to do a mission in the southern region of Brazil and we are going to visit some farms. Our first stop was in Garuva, then we went to Florianópolis where we will stay for a fortnight. Then we will go to Passo Fundo and also visit Braga and Casca.

We are eleven missionaries in total. The objective of our mission is to have family moments with the Farms where we spend, tell a little about us and our experience, and of course, also help with the needs of each unit."

Visits to Farms

In our first stop at Fazenda de Garuva, Santa Catarina, where we were welcomed by the host and the guardians, Josafá and Nydia, also by Dani, the Southern region.  We had moments of sharing with the young people, where we prayed the Rosary with them and meditated on the Word of the month. One of our companions who is ES (initials of Hope - the name given to those who finish the year of recovery at Fazendas da Esperança or at Grupo Esperança Viva) shared her testimony which generated a very fruitful moment of communion. We had a celebration of the done word and left after lunch towards the Feminine Farm in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. 

The girls welcomed us with great joy, willing to leave their comfort to welcome us. We are having intense moments of coexistence at work. We take on the moments of spirituality and take advantage of these moments to share our life story with them and to bring a little light to each one. We participated in a mass in the parish, also making known the Farm and we celebrated the birthday of one of the volunteers who is doing an experience in Florianópolis. 

Saturday (10) we conducted the adoration focused on the vocations of the feminine part and Rita, responsible for the Feminine Farm in Chile, who came to spend the day with us, told her testimony about the love of God and self-love. 

On Sunday (11) we had Mass with the priest who accompanies the Farm, we took on the preparation of all the meals of the day as a concrete act of love for the welcome and we had the grace of getting to know the city of Florianópolis.

Message sent by Catarina Lopes.

school of communion

The School of Communion has as main objective the formation of the members of the Family of Hope, in the deepening of the Charism of Hope.
Students are chosen by their guardians, who remain for a period of 10 months at the training center in Guaratinguetá / SP. During the weekly class period, the topics covered are administration, accounting, languages, but mainly spirituality and the Charism of Hope.

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