Chitaitai Children's Center celebrates 3 years of existence

The Chitaitai Children's Center is located in Dombe, Mozambique and is maintained by Fazenda da Esperança.

Chitaitai Children's Center celebrates 3 years of existence

Fazenda da Esperança is present in different regions of Brazil and the world. In Mozambique, the Dombe Mission in the city of Chimoio includes male and female recovery units for drug addicts and other addictions; and the recent men's unit opened in Zobué. However, a project developed to serve children draws attention to the local reality.

The “Centro Infantil Chitaitai” project was created with the objective of receiving children from all over the Dombe region every year, offering food and support for the development of each one.

The Center serves boys and girls aged 2 to 6 years. Children speak native dialects, specific to their villages, so the Portuguese language is still a challenge. In addition to the three daily meals they receive, when possible, clothing and shoes.

The Chitaitai logo was born inspired by a starry night. Clear and open skies, fireflies glowed, and made those responsible for the project reflect: how is it possible to be light in the world? Be light to these children? The future of this country ... The answer was Chitaitai, which means firefly in the local dialect, Tindau.


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