Fazenda da Esperança celebrates 21 years in Toledo/PR

Last weekend, the Fazenda da Esperança located in the city of Toledo/PR celebrated 21 years of history.

Fazenda da Esperança celebrates 21 years in Toledo/PR

For my part I would like to thank God for the team that we are, a small but, GREAT team!

We haven't finished the chapel yet, we have a lot to do... but with will and enthusiasm, and God willing, before November it will be successfully completed.

Our gratitude to the benefactors for their support and generosity, their presence was essential to maintain this link of loyalty and commitment to the Treasury. Many positive comments regarding the Farm and the construction of the Chapel. I think we need to create more opportunities for the benefactors.

Mayor Beto was very happy in his pronouncement, he was enthusiastic! We certainly strengthened our ties with the government after this visit. 

Dom João, felt at home with this welcome, I think that the channel with the Diocese was strengthened with his pastoral presence, as well as being very important for the "financial health of the entity".

Gratitude to Dom Anuar, our Pastor! 

His constant and tireless presence drives us every day in the search for better days for those welcomed, for the organization and for an increasingly better society!

I believe that Dani and the priest will also take with them a beautiful image of that day and of the Cristo Rei de Toledo Farm!

I extend my affection to those welcomed who, with joy and dedication, helped a lot, leaving the right environment for this great day!

With enthusiasm, work and faith, the second stage starts tomorrow.

Let's live the Hope of the Word.

Adriano, responsible for the unit.

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