Nossa Senhora das Mercês, patron saint of the Farm in Tucumã, Argentina

Discover part of the history of the Farm's founding in Tucumã, Argentina and its patron Virgen de la Merced (Virgin of Mercy)

Nossa Senhora das Mercês, patron saint of the Farm in Tucumã, Argentina

The farm's male unit in Tucumã, Argentina, was inaugurated on August 15, 2015 with the presence ofthe founders, Friar Hans Stapel e Nelson Giovanelli. The property has 30 hectares donated by a family.

At the time, the then Archbishop of Tucumán, Don Alfredo Zecca, visited the premises of Fazenda Virgen de la Merced, theaccompanied by Don José Melitón Chávez.

During the visit, he talked with the young people who were carrying out the mission of opening the Farm in the region, celebrated the Eucharist and heard some testimonies of life.  . 



Virgin of Mercy

On this 24th of September, Our Lady of Mercy is celebrated, which means “mercy”, a devotion that dates back to the XNUMXth century, when the Virgin appeared to São Pedro Nolasco and encouraged him to continue freeing Christian slaves.

At that time, the Moors ransacked coastal regions and took Christians as slaves to Africa. In this horrible condition, many lost their faith because they thought God had abandoned them.

Pedro Nolasco, seeing this situation, even sold his own assets to free the captives. Likewise, he formed a group to organize expeditions and negotiate rescues. When the money ran out, they asked for alms. However, aid has also ended.

That was when Nolasco asked God to help him. In response, the Virgin appeared to him and asked him to found a congregation to rescue the captives.

Nolasco asked him: “O Virgin Mary, Mother of grace, Mother of mercy, who could believe that you are sending me? ”.

Mary responded by saying: “Do not doubt anything, because it is God's will that such an order be founded in my honor; it will be an order whose brothers and professed, the imitation of my son Jesus Christ, will be put to the ruin and redemption of many in Israel, that is, among Christians, and will be a sign of contradiction for many ”.

In view of this desire, the Order of Mercedaries was founded on August 10, 1218 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Saint Peter Nolasco was appointed by Pope Gregory IX as Superior General.

Members, in addition to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, made a fourth vow in which they pledged to dedicate their Life to free the slaves and who would take the place of a captive who was in danger of losing faith, when the money was sufficient to achieve liberation.

Later, in 1696, Pope Innocent XII set September 24 as the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy throughout Church.

Source: Our Lady of Mercy via ACI Digital

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