Fazenda da Esperança Nossa Senhora da Piedade opens in Maués

The unit, the first in the Diocese of Parintins, in the State of Amazonas, already accommodates around 30 people.

Fazenda da Esperança Nossa Senhora da Piedade opens in Maués

The inauguration of the Fazenda da Esperança Nossa Senhora da Piedade, in Maués (AM). This unit, which already accommodates about 30 people, is the first of the Diocese of Parintins and should serve cities neighboring the Land of Guaraná.

On the occasion, Holy Mass was celebrated with the presence of fra Hans Stapel, one of the founders of the Fazenda, Dom Mário Pasqualloto, archdiocesan bishop emeritus and president of the Fazenda Esperança de Manaus, Fr. Marcílio Moutinho, parish priest of Maués, Fr. Dorival Nascimento, Vicar General of the Diocese of Parintins, as well as with the presence of diocesan priests and deacons.

After the celebration, singer and presenter Father Alessandro Campos, known as “father in the countryside”, gave a show for the community.

The event was also attended by Nelson Giovanelli, one of the founders of Fazenda da Esperança, the Mayor of Maués, Junior Leite, Federal Rep. Sidney Leite, Federal Rep. José Ricardo, councilors, coordinators of Grupo Esperança Viva de Maués ( GEV), Dinelli Family and some welcomed and accepted from the Fazenda da Esperança units.

Fazenda da Esperança in Maués

The unit's implementation process began with the donation made by the Dinelli Family. The land has 35 hectares of land and is located on the banks of the Maués Mirim river, twenty minutes from Maués.

The first group from the Fazenda da Esperança in Amazonas was inaugurated on August 4, 2001, as a result of the Fraternity Campaign which that year had the theme: “Yes, no drugs!”.


Fazenda da Esperança is a therapeutic community that has been active since 1983 in the recovery process of people seeking freedom from their addictions, especially alcohol and drugs.

Its method of reception contemplates three determining aspects: work as a pedagogical process, family living and spirituality to find the meaning of life. The number of communities in the world has already reached more than 150 structured units in 24 countries.

Source: dawn parintins.com.br

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